Going South

I’m still recovering from last week’s jam packed trip to the Bay Area.  The landscape on the way down was lovely, spring showing all over, little goats and cows everywhere and blossoming trees.  Also, RVs with signs on them saying things like:  Saturday is the Sabbath.  Sunday is the Mark of the Beast.  Uhm, OK! Upon arrival in That Place Where I Used To Live, I was greeted by several billboards carrying the message that the world is, in fact, going to end on May 21.  Cry out grievously to the Lord, etc.  I immediately called the Partner and let him know about this startling development.  It was news he greeted rather jocularly, I must say.  I think he said something like, “GREAT! OH BOY!” Then again, why wait until December 2012?  We’ll be at a Fair in Red Bluff that day, in any event.  Anyway,  when I mentioned this Message, my Aveda Hair Genius told me while snipping the old locks that this was, apparently, about The Rapture.  I was a bit stunned at seeing such messages by the Bay.  Here, you come to expect such things.  But there? Wow, is all I can say.  If, however,  all those people get whisked up into the sky? Good Heavens.  Seriously.

Meanwhile, all kinds of flowers are coming up here in a dizzying and extravagant sequence.  They start out with white and yellow varieties, then move on to deep, almost flourescent purple and fantastic magentas.  Often so tiny they’re not as big as your little fingernail,  they do indeed seem to contain the entire universe.  Also, in a stroke of fabulousness the plants I thought had frozen and died over the winter DID NOT.  No, they didn’t.  Little sprouts and leaves are coming into the light on the ginger and the Angel’s Trumpet and the lemon grass.    So, despite what one may feel about the World At Large, things are perhaps not as bad as one might have thought.

The rabbits have been out as well.  They lope up and down the driveway at all hours of the day and night.  The lizards and frogs are in full force too, and we have to remember to step very carefully in order not to have Something Awful Happen.  The birds and voles are building nests all over the place, including in the car engine and the wood pile. There is a tiny pond near us (which will disappear soon) inhabited by a pair of mallards- the other day we went by and saw a turkey taking a bath there as well.  One learns something every day.  So it’s all very exciting, including today’s event, which is:  The Partner has begun installing the insulation. !!!!!!!!!!! The walls have been, up to now, a deep ocean blue.  Now they will be a color called Glistening Moonlight, which being basically white, should make the interior seem more spacious.  We’re hoping it will add a cooling element, naturally, which it definitely should.  Plus the single cell foam repels bugs! YIPPEEE!!! Big ants and such.  In theory non-toxic, to be determined.  Anyway we are hoping to keep things below egg frying temperature in here and reports will be forthcoming.It’s going from 35 degree nights and 58 degree days rapidly to shake and bake so results should be in soon. Another interesting thing will be just how this sounds in high winds- will it limit the incredible slapping sound of fabric against lattice? Or will that be replaced by the thump of foam board against lattice THEN slapping against the fabric…..

Otherwise it’s an ongoing balancing act between hope and despair, as is usual for humans if they’re honest.  These are very weird times indeed and it feels more and more like The War of the Worlds: Where is Michael Rennie when we need him?  and we need that spaceship to land.  Soon.  Really.  Klatu Nicto…uh…..And…if it could….just take Donald Trump away that would be lovely.  Perhaps he’ll be caught up in the Rapture in May instead.  We can hope.


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