The Polenta Volcano

So, it’s been reasonably eventful here in ….in……well.  In HERE.  We have gotten the insulation installed, that is, The Partner has gotten it in with only a small spot left undone.  It is indeed working, and I can recommend using single cell foam backed with foil, with thin wood veneers facing into the yurt and covering the foam.  NATURALLY THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN MUCH EASIER IF WE’D INSTALLED IT IN THE BEGINNING.  We didn’t however.  In retrospect it’s pretty amazing we got anything done at all last year.  But between the shade cloth in the dome and the 95% completed insulation of the walls, it is amazingly OK in here.  Cooler than it is outside! And it’s HOT outside! Gonna get hotter! We may live through this summer after all.  Maybe.  But, given that the manufacturer of our yurt was asking close to $1,000 for wall insulation, and we did this for a little under $300, it is definitely a concept worth looking into.  You have, of course, to purchase the roof insulation from the manufacturer because you’d never be able to fit it together by yourself.  Their roof insulations are usually reasonably priced, however, so as a must-do it’s livable.

But, on to the polenta.  While the Partner was working on the insulation (and, yes, there was a modicum of swearing and ill temper), I was starting dinner which that night included polenta.  I used to make it in the microwave which was good, but what with our electric set up here it’s not so practical.  So I started doing it the old fashioned way on the stove, and boy howdy.  It is ALOT better and not that hard.  The key is remembering to whisk the polenta into the boiling water at the beginning.  WHISK.  Because otherwise? It bubbles like somebody’s insane kung fu cauldron and your stove is covered with polenta splotches. Also you have to stir it the entire time it’s cooking (about a half hour), as opposed to frequent stirring with attention allowed to other things.  SO ANYWAY.  The polenta was volcanizing along because it had not been whisked.  It had not been whisked  because our swamp cooler decided at that moment, as it does from time to time, to have the water pump stop working.  Which of course means the whole cooler doesn’t work.  On another day when the Partner was feeling beleaguered and the pump had to be fixed, I asked him to show me what he did so I could do it myself at a future time.  So, fine.  He was busy and whatnot with the insulation, and I decided to man up and fix the pump.  Which you do by unscrewing the back of the cooler while it is running, reaching in and jiggling the pump til it starts working again. That sort of thing. So, got it unscrewed, jiggled, and then, as the polenta erupted in a Vesuvian manner, my hand drifted toward the whirling blades….yes, it did.  My gasp at the polenta turned into a loud, inchoate howl, apparently.  Fortunately, the whirling blades are plastic and they stopped after the initial encounter.  It hurt alot but no harm really done.  I got to tell myself what a big person I am now, no crying, and OHMYGOODNESSWHATISTHATPOLENTADOING???? In any event the paw was a bit out of commission for the past two days, but THAT day passed, leaving us both still alive, which is about as good as it gets some days.

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