Then, We Went CAMPING.

Before we could do that, however, the satellite internet totally died and it took a few days for it to rise again into the life cyber.  Because, in the end, a crucial part of the equipment got wet.  You have to ask yourself how a FREAKING SATELLITE INTERNET PROVIDER DOESN’T HAVE DECENT WATERPROOFING.  They use a shrink wrap sort of tape.  TAPE.  For satellites that are all out in the boondocks.  Where things get wet, to put it at an absolute MINIMUM.  So there was some major and not desirable down time.  Anyway, it’s working now and we’re back on the usual shaky ground here in tilt-a-whirl world.

Then, indeed, we went camping.  As a more or less Permanent Camper this is a somewhat undesirable activity for me now.  In short? I love our tent but seriously I want room service and a bed and all that stuff.  But.  We do a Summer Art and Music Festival, which is outdoors, and it is much more economical to camp there for the three day period where we’re working 12 hour days and things like that.  This year was very special in that it RAINED.  It was COLD.  Our actual sales time was cut in half, but we still did OK which, believe me was a wonderful thing.  Given that we got no sleep at all since our tent turned out to be (a) next to the Techno music booth which I thought was on a personal mission to explode my head, and (b) next to the two honking huge generators running the power to ….what? at 2 a.m. it was hard to tell.  The reason turned out to be that the responsible parties were off Adjusting Their Attitudes for several hours. Add to that the fact that our air mattress, having done yeoman duty for several months in the yurt, leaks like a sieve now, and I think you get the picture, don’t you Gentle Reader?  We did throw caution to the winds and have fantastic dinners at the Benbow Inn, so at least there were DESSERTS and SALMON WITH TRUFFLES involved.

Anyway.   It takes four hours to go about 170 hairpin and safety rail-less mountain miles on California Highway 36.  It’s gorgeous.  We saw dogwoods, wild orchids and irises, angelicas, mustards, and alot more.  Eagles and hawks, lots of deer.  It was raining so the going, which is usually more than gnarly, was psychotic.  One thing I learned this year which was somewhat heartening was that ALL the vendors have meltdowns before this show.  I felt a bit less wimpy when I learned that everybody is nervous, it’s a hell of a drive for everybody, we’re all tired, setup is taxing.   Then, you wait for the people.  Who, since as I mentioned above it was raining! and cold!, didn’t come until late in  day One.  We decided, the group around our booth did, to Just Think Positively.  The sun would creep out a bit and we’d be all, OK!  On day Two when a curtain of rain moved in again it was a bit challenging but we all figured, heck.  We’ve gotten this far what the HECK.  It all worked out just fine, as life does, and these things at which one vends are such an odd combination of joy, fun, and torture I will just leave it at that.   Now, we’re home, it has become summer over night which means….well it means it’s hot and the ants are out.  Oh, boy.


2 responses to this post.

  1. It tingles my heart to think I’ll be venturing into just such an adventure shortly 😉

    But seriously, tape? Me thinks their well of talent doesn’t include many with access to common sense… or silicone epoxy.

    I do prefer rainy days… not so much to be in outside, but to observe through my window while sipping a cup of coffee. Man, I don’t like it hot.

    They’re doing construction work on our building (apparently every single terrace was a death trap), so I can relate to the noise. Since I’m a programmer (body clock utterly thrashed), 2AM for me is around 2PM for the rest of our species.

    “…Techno music booth which I thought was on a personal mission to explode my head”
    See this is why my kind of music gets a bad rap… The idiots playing it loudly at ridiculous hours.


    • Well, we bears wish you the best possible tingle on your camping expotition! We’re reclining with wet towels over our overheated noses at present. Also we were quite relieved to learn you didn’t find out about the death trap aspect of your living quarters…hard way.


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