Ant Correction

The Partner found some ERRORS and OMMISSIONS in the last post.  SO FINE.

Number One.  The ants are 3/8″ long.  Not 1/2″.  Let’s just get that straight, shall we?


Number Two.  There were more ant casualties than I cared to contemplate, apparently.  The Partner was vacuuming when the initial siege was begun.  Therefore, he was standing at the door armed with a Shop Vac, and wielded it in a fearsome manner.  This wielding of the Shop Vac happened last year too, and I suddenly was seized by this thought:  The ants are probably back in their living area, and the older ones are telling the youngsters about the awful, horrible, fearsome sucking wind monster that lives over in the Blue Place.  Don’t ever go over there, they’re saying sternly.  Only the Strongest Ant ever can do that and we’ve decided not to allow our noble ant brothers and sisters to sacrifice themselves ever again.   The young ants are nibbling their feet and shivering at the thought of the fearsome sucking wind monster, even in this heat.

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