Transfixed With Horror, Pt. 1

This morning I read an article that contained the following thought:  Every problem has a solution.  From where I’m sitting, it looks more like this:  Every solution has a problem.   Not to be negative, or anything.

Net, net, today’s excitement was the electric water pump finally dying.  Dead.  Kaput.  No water.  None at all.  So the garden and the animals?  we had to scramble around for from water we’d stored when there was a Previous Episode. Which is to say, this has been an ongoing saga for some time, what with the horrendous racket coming out of the pump house whenever water was being used.  For, example at 4 a.m.  Inspection showed that the well was, indeed, on its last short legs.  I enquired about plans for the resolution of the problem at one point shortly thereafter and learned that it was going to have to turn into an emergency before anything got done.  Well, BINGO.  We hit the jackpot, kids.

After various events took place over the morning and a well repair person was summoned and arrived (events including another apparent abortive suicide attempt by the dog which also then cut off our power )  the painstaking and herculean task of taking the roof off the pump house began and is in progress as I write, an hour and a half into this funfest.   It appears that no screwdriver known on earth can move the things that connect the roof to the walls of this little building,  and the laborious, not to say PRECARIOUS,  positioning of the truck with ginormous winch in front of the pump house….what can I say?   I can’t watch, can’t look away.   The Latino guy doing the actual work is waving his arms around and shaking his head in a manner that doesn’t indicate full speed ahead.  It’s kind of like being in a dream where you want to scream but nothing comes out of your mouth.  However, a reliable source (the Partner) has just informed me of the following.  A corner has been removed from the pumphouse roof.  Now, the pump will be LIFTED OUT OF THIS SMALL AREA BY A BIG HUGE WINCH HIGH INTO THE AIR.   Each of the zillion parts having to be individually removed.  This may demonstrate to the horses that THEY aren’t going to be lifted up, which is a good thing.  Following this heavy lifting, another pump will be lowered down in the same manner.  With all the new multitudinous parts….boy oh boy.  It doesn’t get much better than this, it really doesn’t.  Or, actually it may get better because the Noise is About to Start.  Watch this space for the next exciting episode.


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