Transfixed with Horror, Part 2

When we last left this story,  there was perilous winching (and wincing) going on and it was over 100 degrees out.  The good news was that the new pump didn’t have the eighty gazillion parts the old one did so installing it was…I use this term loosely, but relatively easy and did not, in fact, take until dark fell to be completed, nor did it involve any eardrum damage, felled trees, electrocuted dogs or satellite destruction.  Practically a miracle.  We only went about ten hours without water. Chaos reigned in the heat, overall, however because apparently there had been some Misunderstanding About Price, and kafuffle ensued.   The landlady’s husband was helping the well guy- again we use the word “helping” advisedly, but he was bringing pipes and pieces of thing to the installer, and, this help eventually led to the Hissy Fit That Occurred.

I am sorry to say, Gentle Reader, that the hissy fit in question was MINE.  In short, I snapped maybe a tiny bit.    The landlady had jokingly said the Partner could put his shovel down when she called back that morning to say that, yes, they were going to fix the well and do it now.  There had been, as you may recall, An Episode during the Rooster Wars involving shovels, corrugated metal roofs, and some other things.   Anyway, in a shocking role reversal, *I* was the one who stomped out of the yurt wearing a t-shirt with a big peace sign on it, garden clogs, ratty shorts, and a wet tea towel over my head featuring astrological glyphs.  Come out big or stay home, the Partner always says.  This happened because? Basically because instead of using the breaker switch marked PUMP, the helpful husband turned off EVERYTHING.  This meant that the two fans standing between us and boiling liquefaction stopped turning.  The refrigerator went off.  Again.  First the distraught dog, then HIM.  This happened after a few other quite disturbing occurrences which (sadly but you know how it is) I am not at liberty to reveal, and six or so hours into no water and it was hot and they’d been frigging around with the power and we’d just barely got over the last water interlude not to mention the numerous internet snafus, all of which left me feeling not very happy and wondering if I couldn’t just be written into another play, and not a drama, either.  So I stomped over, towel flapping, and said, essentially WHAT NOW and there were some hand waving excuses and sadly, I became rather overwrought and said, apparently loudly because the Partner said he could hear me: TURNITONRIGHTNOWINEEDMYFANUSETHESWITCHTHATSAYSPUMPHOWDUMBAREYOUANYWAY!!??

So, that went well.  It’s not really like me to behave that way and I was naturally afterwards seized with the thought that if The Deity did indeed strike me with a lightening bolt for such wickedness as losing my temper, I’d be EVEN HOTTER.  The whole day, really, was a stunner.  But the good news? We have running water, and we did a little happyhappythankyouthankyou ceremony at the sink.  Evidently I caught everyone on the way out the door in the morning, too, when I initially put out the no water alert.  So, really, it could have been worse.  We might still have no water.

But this still leaves one pondering the every solution has a problem issue.  Moving here was a “solution” to a rather super sized “problem”.  But it has proved to be a solution that presents one stupefyingly difficult challenge after another.  I suppose that is how life “is”, make the road by walking it, one day at a time, etcetera.  Perhaps it is also the temper of the times, where things just are not going to move along as they used to, and our work is to observe and adjust and allow the new way to unfold.  But really? I AM READY FOR THE EASY BUTTON.  Seriously.  I am.

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