Continuing Apace

There’s something interesting about writing things that are public and yet (Hello my loyal  Gentle Reader!) unseen for the most part.

Anyway.  Did I mention it’s hot now? Well, indeed it is.  But the hummingbirds flit around our garden and the quail are out for their morning breakfast under the elderberry.  We have a volunteer tomato plant.  A cow escaped last week and had a companionable morning next door until it got chased away.  The day after that a veritable posse converged on US, asking after the errant cow.  Apparently we are the Bastion of Common Sense on this side of the road, as things are developing.  Even if it is only to say things like, it went that way.

There were some fantastic cactus flowers across the road, which I didn’t have time to photograph the day I saw them.  Huge, yellow blossoms shining in the heat like nebulae.  Anyway, I went back yesterday (at a snail’s pace because it was already over 100 degrees) and somebody had EATEN them.  Cleanly nipped off avoiding the spines and whatnot, which made me think it was not a deer who had that feast, since they seem to always leave some sort of tooth mark, like a calling card.  It might have been the horse next door, who  roams around freely like a big, brown dog.  He woke us up a few days ago at about 4 am, having wandered over here.  There WAS a big patch of red clover right outside the yurt, which now? Is no more.  That horse is a fast eater.  I bet those flowers, all of them,  were delicious but it definitely reminded me that everything is fleeting, no matter how it may seem in the moment.   Especially around here.  Everything, that is, but the heat.  THAT is of a startling fixity, and yesterday I found myself wondering if I’d make it through another summer the way it’s shaping up.  But, night falls and brings some relief, we made Chinese food outside (perfect use for the electric wok I’ve had forever) and here it is, another day.  We’ll see.

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