Magic May Be Afoot

I see, from a careful perusal, that this blog has disappeared into the Mists for a few days, altogether.  Perhaps it has to do with the solar flares that baste us with extra heat and light every so often here.  In any event, there’ve been snakes and spirits and the ongoing dance with understanding.  We’re trying to understand a lot these days and some days? It just produces a headache.  Other days it seems like there might….be….something.  But you can’t be sure.

Anyway, among other excitements there was an escaped cow, a rattlesnake in the garden, and a delightful conversation with the donkeys who live on a road below us.  One of them appears to be of the sort that has been mixed with a zebra- the most lovely striped legs, a beautiful taupe head with light around the eyes and muzzle.  A small dark brown donkey, who was standing up in the corner of their small pasture, responded to my greeting and trotted quickly down to chat which let the others including Striped Leg know that We were OK.   It was quite astonishing, really, given that it has taken a year of respectful greetings when they’re there to have this conversation.  When I thanked them I’m pretty sure Striped Leg said we were welcome.

The so called real world continues to be more or less a totally unpalatable, challenging pain in the ass.  Not to put too fine a point on it.  So it’s a good thing we have important things like whether Tail-less the Lizard escaped the snake the other night to ponder, and donkey friends to remind us that it is still a pretty big world.

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