Curioser and Curioser

So, the Black Dog? Came back dressed as Big Foot.  Smackdown City. But we’re upright once again, more or less.  Knowing there are no coincidences, the revelations recently have been hard to evaluate, both world wide and right here in…uhm….well, here in a spot where time really doesn’t have any meaning, or at least not the same meaning it used to.  The months fly by like two or three hours and the days sometimes seem like entire seasons.

I was thinking about writing about all the weirdness in the world, the short sighted and enormously selfish actions of our friends the Ownership Class.  Apparently, for example, one individual obtained a PATENT for QUINOA.  Monsanto, I think it is, has a PATENT for BLACK WHEAT.  Which of course is the primary wheat everyone on earth eats.  So while I felt things exploding in my head about all that, plus the whole issue of the Privatization of Water…WATER, people.  I suppose Air will be soon to follow.  Anyway, while I was wobbling on my pins, the following little story happened.

At about 3 a.m. a few days ago, we were awakened by what sounded like a huge dogfight.  Somebody must’ve been getting their balls chewed off, at the very least.  Of course it went on for a long, long time: About 45 minutes of solid yowling, yelping, snarling and barking.  And, actually it was kind of funny, the entire sound effect MOVED AROUND.  From this, Gentle Reader, being as brilliant as I am, I realized it was a bunch of dogs RUNNING AROUND.  There are still some MIA cows out here, and we’ve already seen one episode of truly awful carnage from the collision of unmanaged “pet” dogs and cows.   But anyway.  Net net we didn’t get any sleep and the following day was a bit bumpy as a result.  We did learn to whom these neglected dogs belong, however, and it is a person who just lets them run wild and also has the communication skills you might expect.  These dogs maraud through the land we live on all the time.  It’s against the “law”, of course.  It’s dangerous to both livestock and people.  But, there they are, and they’re  big.  Animal control does exist here but what do you think they say?  They say, don’t  call us, just shoot ’em.  Period.  Besides it takes too long to get out here.  Anyway we received a communication from the “neighborhood” reinforcing just whose dogs these are, and this was where I couldn’t quite keep my grip anymore.  While quite parliamentary and rational in tone, this call concluded with instructions about what to do with the dog’s bodies once they got shot.  I don’t know.  This is quite a different world than I’ve knowingly spent time in before, let’s just say.  It’s a terrible thing to neglect the animals who depend on you.  A domesticated dog who is allowed to roam around at will and behave as though it is wild becomes dangerous, and not a dog you can really have around.  If you don’t want your throat bitten out, that is.

Anyway, it just made me…compare and contrast? like they used to make us do in school writing exercises which were loathsome in the extreme….the difference between this life I’m living now, and the one I’m starting to barely remember.  In the city you’re always on 110%, ready to jump on it and go.  But you’re not quite as likely to encounter something life threatening on a regular basis- as long as you exclude other drivers and crazy snipers and superbugs- and it’s a different kind of attention you’re paying.   So there is a kind of insulation in a city even though it is frenetically paced, perhaps because it is so separate from Nature, and one may feel that one is “in control” of things.  A kind of calm  prevails out here, however, because it is, quite clearly, life and death, even though the pace is grinding at times- slower in a way yet with every moment consumed by something that really must be done.  It is clear if you look that you really don’t have much, if any control. So you get to drop THAT idea pretty quickly, if you don’t want to go completely crazy.  The weather determines everything.  It’s hard to believe that if you don’t live in a place where it is so unpredictable and severe.  Your plants may live, or they may die, no matter what you do because the controlling factors are out of your hands.  There are poisonous snakes all over the place for which you must constantly be on watch.  People have horses and take guns on long rides in case the horse breaks a leg.  Livestock gets raised and killed so people can eat.   Death is a constant presence even as life is coming forth all around you- maybe it’s just that it is clearer here because there’s “less” distraction?  If you’re in a place like this, you may have consciously decided to live with Nature instead of behaving as though it doesn’t really exist.  It was actually, in retrospect, rather frightening at first even though I didn’t exactly know it.  Reality has an awesome face, fearsome at times, especially when you’re used to- as I suppose I was- the human driven modus operandi of a city.  Certainly there is danger in a city, no question about THAT.  Nature, however,  cannot really be toyed with or sidestepped.  It does what it does, and of course to my mind the more we mess with it the worse it’s going to “behave”.   There is a rightness to being in tune with Nature, though, that is one of the greatest feelings ever.  You’re paying attention, seriously, and ultimately what you see is that you are the tool, the vessel- and this is what needs the work and application of effort, this fine tuning and cleaning of the tool- so that you as this tool can work coherently with everything that is Out There.  Then, in a way, no matter what happens, you’re in flow with it all.


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