The 4th of July

It is, not surprisingly, supposed to be in triple digits temperature-wise here today.  Just like last year.  And, just like last year, I am fixedly Not Thinking about all the fireworks people are going to set off out here in the moderately dry woods. I mean, I love fireworks even if this holiday is somewhat mystifying.  But in tinder dry woods? NOT SO MUCH.

Anyway.  Even though, or perhaps because, things are going so tremendously sideways to all appearances these days, sometimes there is a view of it all where I’m floating high above and feeling both apprehension and anticipation in equal measure.  The Partner is currently fixing (again) the swamp cooler, the birds are nattering away waiting for breakfast.   I’m floating up above and looking down at our situation, our world, and being figuratively buffeted around by my anxieties and my hopes.  In truth, all we can really do is go forward, do our work, keep open hearts and minds.  The way is full of boulders and chasms both personal and worldly.  There really isn’t much point in letting fear take over- then you’re just paralyzed, truly stuck.  The trick is to let the fear inform you – let it help you flesh out your decisions, in a way.  What are you really afraid of?  Everything! is my answer at times.  Narrowing it down from there?  I’m afraid that I won’t be able to make my way in a world that seems to have no room for me; I’m redundant.  But then I have to ask- to whom?  In a world where people are attempting to become President of this country when they don’t even know the first, basic, thing about its history or much else if you’re honest; in a world where zealous militant people who theoretically at least oppose capitalism and everything it has created on this earth still eat fast food without a qualm; in a world where the divide between rich and poor has been practically institutionalized into a chasm and Nature is dispensable- in that world? What, me worry?  Light and dark, good and evil- they’re always in balance, or at a standoff perhaps.  The tension between them can become unbearable when the dark seems to be creeping out and becoming thick, stifling the light.  That point, which we all, whether we are aware of it or not,  seem to be inhabiting ever more frequently, is when simply looking at the task at hand, the duty in front of you, can really save your life.   And the real duty is to love, to open our hearts and fly even when it seems we’re surrounded by the fires of hell.


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