Under A Thunder Moon

The falcon woke us up this morning, calling and calling in early gray light.  We figured it was looking for its’ mate, or else it was telling some long and astonishing story.

It turns out that this land we are living on is an old and well known sacred spot to the Native peoples of this area.  It was also apparently, among other things,  a burial ground.  It all makes sense now, how incredibly difficult and ordeal-like this experience was- an initiation, basically.  The Place had to make sure we were OK, that we respected and honored the land.   My impression is a person could be driven right away lickety split from here if their attitude wasn’t in synch.  But it is a high spot, this place, with a perfect directional orientation to Mt. Shasta, which we can see from our door, and Mt. Lassen, which we can’t quite.  The sky is a perfect round and the constant movement of clouds and stars and color is breathtaking.  All the animals come through this particular spot and it is full of life.   It does, indeed, feel qualitatively different than anyplace around here, although farther down toward town there is another huge site, which was used for ceremonial purposes.

So, it was a big lesson, coming here, essentially.  Submitting to what we might call the will of heaven is a challenging endeavor for most of us humans.  And it isn’t about passivity or inaction.  It is about seeing the whole in a part, the end in the beginning and the beginning in the end.  It is about dropping the resistance to what IS, seeing how we are part of that, and moving with it in humility.  Sounds easy doesn’t it?  But each time one comes up against a place where the mind says, NO, or IDON’TLIKETHIS or goes to one extreme or another, the time must be taken to see the bigger picture and submit to the larger force of the Real. It’s daunting, and exhausting, and joyful.  Also? Hard to explain.

And we find ourselves nonetheless in this world that just seems to be spinning apart, and the problems seem so intractable and the darkness so absolute.  But of course, there is always light in every darkness.  Just like there’s a germ of darkness in the light.  Those things can actually help us find balance, I’ve found- it’s like a sequence of dance steps in a way.  And it’s a very long song although we may only hear a snatch of it altogether.  But all beings really DO want to be happy, like the Buddha said.  Why shouldn’t we help them? And help ourselves too.  I watch all the cows taking care of their calves, the colts tentatively trotting around, the insects, the people all around us, the tiny birds chivying the hawks to keep them away from their young.   Even though this is a quiet place out in the country, it is bursting with energy and force, and it’s pretty amazing.  That dynamic life force that keeps things living and dying, moving and stopping, just has to be something that ultimately humans cannot screw up.  I’m hoping, anyway.   I keep thinking of the new bull across the road, Ricky.  Long eyelashes and handsome!  When it rains, he scurries (Well, sort of.  Bulls don’t really scurry after all) down to stand under a large, broad tree so he can stay dry.  There’s something so lovely about that if feels like you just gotta have faith.



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