So, it’s been even more fun around here than usual of late.  Hard to imagine, Gentle Reader, I know, but there it is.  The most recent revelation is our seeming inundation with things that look like tiny flying ants.  They’re everywhere and they bite.  It’s really neat.

Yesterday began with a 7 a.m.  long, low, and slow flyover by a helicopter.  For various reasons the entire “neighborhood” freaked out; calm was restored when it turned out to be a MedEvac chopper.  Not good news for somebody.   Then, there’s today.   At 4 a.m., a different somebody pulled up onto the road here, smack between six places where people live, and turned on their truck radio at full blast.  THAT WAS REALLY GREAT.  What was even greater was that, apparently, the person sat there for an hour and a half then did it again.  Indeed.  The usual volley of pistol and rifle fire ensued both times, and my ever growing dislike of contemporary country and Christian music was somewhat intensified.  The second go round I woke with an unpleasant start and my first thought, I am sorry to say, was, IAMGOINGTOKILLTHISPERSON.    We have our suspicions as to Who this might Be, based mainly on an unpleasant encounter on our road where an asshat in a pickup practically ran us off the road while looking down at us laughing.  OH, BOY.  Fun, that’s what this is.  It’s one step you think might be forward, then about seventy eight back sideways diagonally across a precipice.

I’ve given up asking what, exactly, is wrong with people  that they do $#!% like this.  When you realize that the State of California is cutting its’ court system drastically to “balance the budget”, right there,   you know that Houston? We have a problem.  Apparently Justice can  be dropped from the list of things we have here.  We still have prisons though! So that’ll be interesting.  Redress, however, may be harder to come by .   So when we encounter these charming individuals, we now know for sure that we’re on our own.  And they pretty much know it too.  It was interesting to me to note the level of negative energy that was emanating from the Sound Source this morning, and a little scary.  Aside from and in addition to, that is,  the total lack of artistic quality in the sound purveyed.  Naturally I sent positive energy back but that didn’t stop my chest from hurting.  Anyway, a perfect start to yet another day in paradise.

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