Tying Knots

Thomas Jefferson once said that when you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot.  So, we’re busy! We’re tying! We’re trying!

The Partner was in a moderately morose mood this morning; I think we may have heard a brief bit of news on NPR too and that never helps.   The whole world is coming apart at the seams he said.  And they’re talking politics.  POLITICS.  There was  growling and apocalyptic analysis.  The recent behavior of elected officials in this country has left no doubt in his mind, and there wasn’t much to begin with, that we’re going swiftly to Hell in a Handbasket.  He figures the, what shall we call them? Powers that Be? are working on getting all the money and control in their hands, then they figure to close down shop which might have been otherwise referred to some time ago as “government”.  Or “services”.  Or “infrastructure.” You do have to wonder just what is going to happen when all the people who don’t have work and can’t get unemployment wake up in unison one day and go outside, mad.  This was when the fishing regulation booklet fell to the floor and we were off and running.  Look at this thing! he said, waving it furiously around.  Advertisements! People want to take your money to take you fishing! But the whole thing is about how you can’t keep any fish even if you go someplace where you can catch them!  TRY TELLING THAT TO A NATIVE AMERICAN!! I sat there attempting to digest this information  and wondering how it is that one must simultaneously hold on and let go.  It’s enough to make you crazy.  Really.

Yet we all continue day by day somehow.  With the future so uncertain it’s amazing to find yourself attempting to make plans for…several months hence, let’s say.    I’ve always liked the saying, We make plans, and God laughs.  (At present it isn’t all that amusing, honestly.) The plethora of things that appear to present you with choices, when there really isn’t much actual choice at all.  It’s challenging to think about how we live now, especially in view of the fact that allowing the weight of it all to squish you is hardly sensible or productive.  Meanwhile, the horses yesterday let me Know They Were Displeased at My Inattention to Their Need for Carrots.  So, I have an important task to complete here, Gentle Reader.  The plants are growing and we have lots of tomatoes coming in.  There’s work to be done, as always, and the best thing is to attend to it.   If we do small things every day, eventually we see miracles.  Pablo Casals said that, and I figure he’d know.  So I’m off to see some miracles.


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