My Goodness

I learned something today, just now.  NOAA’s weather forecasts differentiate between “sunny”, which has a picture of a blue sky, and “hot” which has an orange one.  Never happy to see “hot”.  But the marker point is 95 degrees.  So, anything over 95 is officially HOT, which I for one am glad to know.  When it’s just 89, for example, and we’re dragging ourselves around, we can now sternly say it isn’t HOT it’s just SUNNY.

I think the feeling of ever growing dread is making the rounds (given what I read today), and after this morning’s titanic struggle to sit up straight In Spite of It All, I gave myself permission to do nothing.  Not that there isn’t lots to do of course, but.   Samuel Beckett apparently said that writing is a sin against speechlessness, even his spare sort of communication.  Speechlessness might be good if it were inner as well as outer.  The mind keeps going on and on and on like some awful pink rabbit on TV even when you yourself are immobilized by external circumstances.  It feels as though things must be described, no matter what.  Perhaps vertiginous times such as these do require witness, so that we don’t forget that something really is happening, we do know what it is, but we don’t know what to do about it.   Maybe writing is a way of showing up, and that may just be a start.

Still, one more sales pitch and I’m going ballistic, showing up or not.  Political solicitations (STOP USING THE WORD ‘FOLKS’, WOULD YOU?), pirate phone companies, life insurance, biblical tirades, lines of credit, the phone never stops ringing.   I even got an email from an alternative medicine site I’m listed on from someone who wanted to…I think, anyway…date me.  You know, I’m interested in you, darling, I am honest… email me to my email so I can email you a picture, it doesn’t matter how old or what color you are. Or even what sex, kind of TBA.  Also? They probably have a bank account in Nigeria they want to give me, or else they want to register my domain name in China,  or help me realize my dream of making tens of thousands of dollars a month after giving them a mere pittance to reveal their secrets.  Meanwhile, for a pickmeup, we can ponder what’s going on in Washington DC.  Or Sacramento CA.  The propaganda flows and flows and the truth takes a good bit of searching for. It boggles the imagination, Gentle Reader, boggles it.  On to deep breathing…..

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