We Break for Squirrels

Also, we brake.  They are out in full force this summer, the gray squirrels are.  Our resident behind the yurt has gotten to be the size of a VW Bug, and is totally splendid.  Creamy chest and stomach, eloquent gray fur and FABULOUS TAIL.  Seriously, he is incredibly handsome.  Of course he knows it but what of that?  Meanwhile on what turned out to be a perilous trip to town, I encountered a pair of gray squirrels having some kind of interaction in the middle of the road, slowed down and bit my lip since they almost always decide to run right under the car wheels.  These two, however, simply stopped what they were doing, turned around and looked at me in a Can You Just Wait A Minute????HUNH? CAN YOU?? sort of way.  Of course I stopped and uttered a short prayer that no speed freak yahoo zoomed across the culvert right then because we three were in a bit of a blind spot.  The squirrels finished their whatever it was, and with a tiny head toss, were off to either side of the road.  I decided not to think about it any further.

So, when I got out on the main road and work was being done in the Usual Spot- which is to say it is often blocked off with lots of official looking trucks but always and ever looks the same after they’re gone- and i saw a stop sign, I just thought, well it’s that sort of day isn’t it.  GOOD THING I’M NOT IN A HURRY.  This was one of those deals where the road is reduced to one lane and each direction takes turns.  So, OK, it was my turn and the enjacketed, betowelled and hatted (it was about 105 that day) woman holding the stop sign for my lane puts it down.  So, OK!  Dimwit that I am, thinking it was my actual turn to go, I go past her, slightly around, into the oncoming lane because it was the only clear path  (no traffic, remember?) and on my merry way.  Whereupon she goes completely ballistic.  Apparently the little labyrinth she’d constructed out of traffic cones and was moving around in what, to me, was a kabbalistic manner, was the real, actual ROADBLOCK.  That stop sign she was holding was just a teaser.  And Gentle Reader? I was supposed to sit and wait for her to move each one of those cones before proceeding on the narrow path she eventually revealed.  For me, it was weird but I noticed I felt awful about ruining her plan.  I mean, happy to help and all.  Later on in the trip I saw a coyote which made me feel somewhat better, reminding me as it did that nothing is exactly the way it seems all the time.

Anyway, right now I’m reading WRITING DOWN THE BONES, Natalie Goldberg’s famous book about writing.  I’m bemused by the writing tool part, because I used to write with fountain pens (her recommendation) but I can’t find them any more. How things change, right?   But anyway it is about crossing through the resistance and fear and just being in the present moment, where you write.  And, it is to be hoped, connect with the life we all share, swim in, course through.  And thus, make it easier for each other to live because we can see that others experience things as we do and also the world is full of a lot of stuff to experience, perhaps we ought to get to it and get past our own roadblocks.  So even though I need a new box of baking soda for the refrigerator apparently (garlic? cantaloupe? yipes.) and other quotidian things press in like eager fans waiting for an autograph (as in, pay the bills! hah!) and everything else seems as though I’m on the good ship Crazy sailing away from the Land of Sanity, which seems more and more like it maybe never really…was….the colors are bright and I at times remember that only we can free our minds and when we do that even the fearsome stuff becomes less so.  Onward.

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