How We Get Things Done Around Here

Well, today was Quite the Day, Gentle Reader, QUITE THE EFFING…er.  Ahem.  I had an image of productivity, things to be done, that sort of stuff.  Sternly organizing things, I found, of course, that it was not to be, this ostensible productivity,  since a pivotal item was not available and I had to make some phone calls and re-analyze our ever more precarious situation.  Plus sort through some Piles of Stuff….Which made me, pretty much, hyperventilate and flap my paws around while looking for my cold towel to put over my head.   My mind was a total blank except for the part going NOOOOOOOOOOOO…. Which, of course, is when Harley the Horse from Next Door moseyed over to the yurt, and began throwing up.  Right in front.  I’ve never seen a horse throw up before.  Have you?  Horse vomit is special stuff to slip in, just to be clear.  The Partner, in an effort to keep all the plant branches poking through the deer fence safe from wandering horse teeth and certain death, gave him a short little hosing down, accompanied by a volley of “go homes” and “stop that” and whatnot.  As usual, ever the good listener, Harley stepped away, threw up a few more times, then calmly walked back over to the yurt as if to lean his head against the side.  The Partner in his wisdom realized that what Harley wanted was, in essence, a shower, (he WAS a mess) so as our landlady came up to retrieve him (saying that the horse has been eating the baby chicken food and THAT’S what made him throw up), Harley was basking in a full body shower, turning to get each spot attended to properly.  He walked off with a sprightly flick of his tail.    It’s a world of wonders, and we spent the rest of the afternoon reading about the Ottoman Empire.   Some days it’s just hard to get things done.

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