Real Life Plus Coincidence

Here’s the coincidence.  On NPR’s Fresh Air today, a stuntman is being interviewed and talking about horses and the time he had to shoot one because the leg was broken.  He said he cried, which was normally not something he ever did.

Early this morning, in the dark, Harley the horse left this plane of existence.  The Partner saw a huge shooting star  shortly afterward arcing up higher and higher into the sky, and I’m pretty sure that was him.    Having worked on him for a few days I came to understand that when I touched him, he allowed me to enter his being in such a way as to connect and communicate.  It felt like swimming in an ocean of Love.  I felt deeply honored and deeply disturbed because there was really nothing, as it turned out, that anyone could do for him in the final analysis.  But that, in fact, is real life.  We all die, and life in a body involves many things, some of which are intensely difficult.  Especially out here in the country, things can get serious pretty quickly.  Animals and humans have their differences, to be sure, but to me they are equals in all the important ways.  This horse gave so much in return for his keep, taught so much, and lived in Love.  He was skittish but trusting.  Aloof but affectionate.  One of the many beings living on this earth containing so much miraculous stuff it was mind boggling to think about it.  Heart, brain, feelings, feet, eyes…..He showed us all some powerful lessons this past week and although it hurts so much, it is also inspiring.  Because this was a manifestation of real spirit, real energy, real life- not made-up, vertical ego based smoke and mirrors.  His passing is, in a way, a tremendous sacrifice which we here must honor with a renewed purpose in love and gratitude.  After it stops hurting so much.  Perhaps we all tend to shy away from really feeling things precisely because some serious pain can be involved.  But if you don’t feel you’re not really alive, and you certainly can’t experience the beauty and grandeur life offers; there is a bit of a trade off, it seems.  If you actually show up for life, you’ll see miracles and perhaps no one will understand you when you talk about them and one does get a bit banged up.  But if you don’t? You’re missing experiencing your own lifetime,and more than that, you’re missing experiencing the flow of the whole huge thing we’re part of.  That seems like a shame.

2 responses to this post.

  1. That’s very sad.

    Human intelligence, while it’s allowed us to do incredible things, has also allowed us to control the preception of ourselves in others. This great power we have used irresponsibly and has invariably lead to terrible things as we try to satiate our selfishness. In a way, other creatures in this world are more honorable by nature as they’re honest in their expressions (it’s hard to not see when a horse isn’t happy), they’re keenly aware of others and their only desire is to thrive. Very simple, really.

    Maybe we just need to think more on what we need vs what we want, on who we are and where we are. Our “baser” instincts may be our savior and creatures around us can teach us a lot. As long as we think we’re special and above them all, we won’t understand these lessons.

    Other animals learn from yesterday and live for today. A better approach, I think.

    Hope you and the partner are coping as well as you can in this situation.


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