Sometimes I Wonder

I’m finding at present that there are a couple of things that make me feel as though I’m getting ready to slap the daylights out of whoever is saying them.  First, anything about 2012.  Second: Be in the Now.  Of course I know that we must be in the now, it’s the only place you CAN be, really.  But.  It’s becoming a glib phrase and as such risks losing whatever meaning it might once have had.

I confess I am totally tired of hearing people yap about 2012 as though they Know All About It.  What ever happened to just shutting the heck up and seeing what happens?  You know- being in the now.  It is as though people are telling you to do something they will not do themselves.  What a novelty, right?

One of the remaining horses here reached over the fence to me last week and very gently licked the tears from my cheeks after Harley got buried. (This being MY now, it should come as no surprise that I am allergic to horses and one side of my face swelled up swiftly.)  The heartbreak at the heart of things, as a poet once wrote.  I continue to puzzle over the fact that animals can communicate with us clearly, honestly, and directly, and do so.  Humans, on the other hand, seem to go out of their way to misdirect.  I have thought of that profound moment with the horse, and all the rest of it, through the absolute plethora of awful things that have happened just since last week.  My cup runneth over, Gentle Reader.  And although I have other (important! thought provoking!)  things to write about, what I’m thinking now is this: Come on over here  and sit by me, and be in MY now, friend, and then tell me what you think.  Because when you can’t go back and the future is totally uncertain and the present contains more upset and problems than you can really cope with, even with a full box of Alka Seltzer to balance it all out, there really isn’t anything for it.  Except continuing to breathe.

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