Embracing the Suck

As we do, around here.  So far we seem to be making progress on some level, as long as one doesn’t dwell too long on the state of the world, all the execrable people who are in positions of power in banks and corporations and….OH NEVER MIND.  I’m sure you, Gentle Reader, are familiar with all the perfidy going around.  I got a hilarious little note from my bank today, telling me they were going to start charging me $10 a month service fees.  For, perhaps, the privilege of having them hold onto my money when I deposit it, use it and make money on it and give me zilch, and drive me crazy with their little buttons on the bill pay screen that lead nowhere one wants to go.  Of course, I could have a sizeable sum on hand at all times, or have a relatively sizeable sum automatically deposited every month (that would mean, let’s see, that I’d either a) have a job, or b) be getting government assistance.  Interesting.)  Or I could make automatic mortgage payments.  Uh huh.  Well, none of the above around here.  But really, we do need to help the banks don’t we?  Poor guys.

And here we are in another day having not finished this post after all, hotter than the hinges and I’m putting off washing the mountain of dishes from last night’s birthday celebration for The Partner. (Which went well, thank you).  While engaging in that procrastinatory behavior, I read  George Packer’s article in the September 12 issue of THE NEW YORKER.  A brilliant piece about the truth of where we are now.   I hardly know what to say except that this is an article everyone should read.   And think about.  To me, the corruption in America  is over the top at this point and it goes through every level of society.  People are disengaged, disenfranchised, and the discourse that is promoted is corrosive and prevents any real meeting of the minds and hearts of our fellow country-people.  Those who have the money keep it by any means necessary, and the paradigm that supports this includes poverty, lack of education, lack of access to health care for all the people on the bottom who, since they don’t have money, are disposable.  There are, of course, those who would disagree with this characterization but I suspect they are in the lucky group closer to the top of the heap. But consider this fact, which I learned in Mr. Packer’s article.  Even knowing, beyond any shadow of doubt,  that the vehicles our service people were using in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan were unsafe, our government refused to put out and move forward with a proposal for upgrade and  bids from small companies with competitive ideas for improvement to the vehicles.  This was because why?  Because the original contractor had a strong,  well funded lobbying mission in place.  So.  Right now, where we are, it looks to me, is here.  We pay our “legislators” (sorry, but my respect level for the profession is low) to do what WE want in terms of our governance, policies, and lives.  It’s an adequate compensation, not as though they are expected to take a vow of poverty to be in service.  Meanwhile, the “legislators” arrive in whatever capitol they’re working in, where they receive large amounts of money from corporate and idealogical  lobbyists to NOT do what we want, but to do what THEY want.    Guess who wins?  It is not, I suspect, you, Gentle Reader, given who reads our humble blog.  I know it isn’t me.  Personally, I think what needs to happen at this point is every politician and banker in this country needs to be..shall we say downsized?….along with the corporate heads and lobbyists and let’s see, Big Pharma and Monsanto….and then, graciously, be allowed to live without jobs, without health insurance, without real options.  Their assets, of course, would be frozen immediately.  Then, perhaps they should all be sent directly to Afghanistan without passing Go, have their shoes removed, and get to walk home on their own.  No cell phones, either, people.  Maybe via Darfur, then through Compton.  With a stop, perhaps, in Georgia to remind themselves of the sanctity of life in these here United States.  They could even finish up with a swimming re-entry through the Gulf of Mexico.

I don’t want to be thinking these things, or feeling them either.  I’d rather be a gardener, and run my business.  But this is all so distressing at times it is hard to get one’s bearings.  I want to believe in the arc of good, and in love, and in peace and cooperation and community.   I do believe in these things and act upon those beliefs.  It’s just kind of a question of what to do next, how to help those who need it and work to build a better future.  And keep us in house and home at the same time.  Quite the endeavor.


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