There’s a picture of a Sufi Master on page 83 of  THE ILLUMINATED RUMI, Barks and Green.  This Master spent fifty years in a forest in Sri Lanka before coming out into the world to teach.  The following poem by Rumi appears below his picture:

There’s no way out,

no cure but death.

Last night in a dream

I saw an old man

standing in a garden.

It was all love

He held out his hand and said

Come toward me.

If there is a dragon on

this path,

that old man has

the emerald face

that can deflect it.

This is enough,

I am leaving my self.

The thing about this is, this Master (who passed on in 1986) looks exactly like Troy Davis.  Exactly like Troy Davis, who evidently spent his 22 years in the prison that was his forest very well indeed- certainly more productively than did those who put him to death.


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