Unpressed, Apparently

I was reading about the WordPress Freshly Pressed blog feature the other day.  I confess I have indeed mooned around from time to time, sighing and thinking, Oh, My.  Wouldn’t that be NICE??? The bear on Freshly Pressed!  But in reviewing the information, I had to face the Gloomy Realization That I Will, Most Likely, Never Be On Freshly Pressed.  Because my posts are too long and dense, perhaps not Topically Correct although not commercial or inflammatory in intention and also all mine, but also? No pictures.   I thought about breaking my Long Paragraphs into Shorter Paragraphs.  And God knows I have plenty of pictures.  Heck, people all over the world lift them off my website every day.  I even took a pretty good one this morning from the front door at sunrise as it started to rain:


Coming to terms with the actual fact of my luddite-ism is taking me a minute.  I’m not sure it’s all that bad, really.  Given the titanic struggle it takes to do anything online here I’m happy if I can even just write and post and have both those things happen in the same day.  My cel phone gets no reception here whatsoever, and the high spot about a mile away where, from time to time, Reception May Occur is always packed with people in contorted positions in trucks trying to use their phones.  (Using the word “packed” as, perhaps, an image rather than actual fact.  One or two trucks, let’s say.)  This is not techno friendly world out here, Gentle Reader. ( So, when you hear about services being CUT in rural areas, you might wonder what they’re talking about and what the point is.  Is it to completely maroon those of us who don’t live in cities in nowhere world?  For example, my town’s post office may be closed.  If that happens it means I’ll have to drive a minimum of sixty miles round trip to get my mail.   Internet service, as most people know it, doesn’t happen out here either.   As long as it can all be arranged, it’s fine, but somehow I don’t think that people who live out in the country should have to go without a communication infrastructure ( albeit worse than Romania’s in terms of internet speed) altogether.  Do you?)

ANYWAY above and beyond all that, in looking overall at what marketing consists of now and what a fair amount of product consists of now, I’m once again plunged into a certain amount of doubt about it all, just period.  Things progress technologically at lightning speed, not necessarily improving things but certainly requiring consumption if one is to..er..keep pace.  Which is predicated on a particular set of factors, largely monetary and also an acceptance of continuous consumption which Boozilla does not have either one of, as it happens.  Again, one confronts the problematic experience of trying to Plan Ahead when it isn’t altogether clear of what that “Ahead” will consist.   Simple economics don’t make it look terribly promising.   The political climate makes it look downright nauseating.  An article about journalism in Pakistan had several interviewees remarking that the level of pressure and surveillance from government entities made it almost impossible to work, and not just because of fear for personal and family safety.  The sense of malaise created by all that uncertainty and fear is debilitating in and of itself.  I think we have a bit of that going on here, although powered by a slightly different source which we might call Crapitalism?, is what I’m saying, essentially.  The protocols, perhaps, for acceptance in this society, can be daunting.

So, when I look at all of it, from Evangelical Christians who think the Statue of Liberty has demonic properties, to the continuing support of corporate interests and their essential rape and pillage of everything, it really makes me wonder just how to participate in all of this in a productive and helpful way.

In short or at last, perhaps a simple thank you for being able to simply write, whether anyone notices or not, whether anyone reads or not, may be the best thing.  However challenging things seem, there’s always a way forward, and the more awareness we have of how everyone else perceives things, the more information we have about how everyone’s life on this interconnected planet goes on, the better able we will be, perhaps, to be productive participants.  SO, Freshly Pressed or not,  we’re going to keep writing.  Maybe we’ll get lucky and have pictures too.


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