Hitting the Reset Button

So, last night I hit the wall going about 95 miles an hour, what with the stress from internet hell, personal affairs of chronic irritation,  and the fact that I made Coq au Vin and there was butter involved, some mashed potatoes, and quite the party atmosphere.  For a while. So, today, I’m living through what Julia Child referred to as a bilious attack.  Tonight there will be lentils.  Presently we’re casting an indeed jaundiced eye on the dishes in the sink.

Meanwhile, we’ve been watching TREME on DVD, and it is wonderful.  John Goodman plays a fantastic character in it, a Tulane professor who posts diatribes on You Tube about the sorry state of affairs in post-Katrina New Orleans.  At one point, he points at his screen and yells, (imagine it) EFF YOU YOU EFFING EFFS.  Except it is, satisfyingly, the Real Words.

So you can picture us, here in the yurt, raising our fists and yelling those profoundly satisfying words.  The reasons for this behavior will be detailed a bit more in upcoming posts, since one of the features of this recent Bilious Attack was a sense of utter futility which somehow got worked through, turning into otter futility and swimming away as I decided to….whoooo…..post every day for the rest of the year.  Names will of course be changed but there’s a story here.   Somewhere.



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