One Foot in Front of The Other

Another day, more weather.  The weather around here dictates just about everything, and lately it has been totally screwy, with some challenging results therefrom for us.  So, when our neighbor called and asked if she and a lady who speaks no English could come over and look at our Habanero plants today, I just said no.  We’re scrambling around out there trying to get things battened down, I’m inside working on my web marketing and paying bills….NOT A PRETTY PICTURE.  Also, hanging laundry early in the day, hoping it will get dry by sundown.  Getting a dryer looms large.  Except even that is, of course, not simple.  First, getting it out here will be a trick.  Second, it has to be converted to use propane which means The Partner, completely booked up at this point anyway, will have to deal with it.  Also, charmingly, I found out my webhost can’t send me emails directly but has to route them through their version of the North Pole.  We did finally get our elves talking to each other, so I suppose that constitutes success.

I find myself wondering how everyone else does it.  I wake up in the morning and the entire day goes by like a roaring river with me whooshing down the middle.  When the river banks can be seen, they appear to be completely inhabited by slavering beasts with lots of teeth.  Knowing that these are complex times on every level doesn’t really make me feel any less crazy, either.  It seems as though, perhaps, what’s happening up here anyway is that the invisible 97% of everything? is coming into focus, without any still point.  It is true, I think,  that beauty is the divine’s way of showing itself to us.  It’s just hard for this little brain to figure, when it’s standing right next to something that looks like it wants to devour me.  That is, probably, the essence of reality when you get right down to it.  Some days it’s harder to take in than others.



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