West Coast Live

We’re listening to that right now, on our beloved Jefferson Public Radio, and they were interviewing Elisa Chapel,  and Susan Orlean, both of whom are WONDERFUL WRITERS.  GODDESSES. SMART!!  I love their writing and they’re darn good talkers too. I hope I spelled the names right.

This program, emanating from San Francisco, often makes my heart feel as though it is going to pop out of the cut in my chest, flop around and be awash in tears because there are ways I miss it all so much- at least the way things were at one time for me there.  Then I remind myself that this is now.  I lived there, worked there, was born there, actually, and now I have a whole new different life.  Which is pretty amazing, when you think about it.  Because, as unstable as it is, it is MY life at long last, nobody else’s, and I can do and dare and dream things I never could before.  Notwithstanding, of course, the fact that the world may blow to bits any minute.  JUST MY LUCK.

In any event today was spent fighting off a migraine and doing painstaking close up work.  You may think those things don’t go together, but actually? Once you get the pain to a dull thump and have ascertained there is no blood coming out your eyes or ears, sometimes it helps to have something to concentrate on while whatever remedy you’ve chosen wends its way toward the offending ball peen hammer in your skull.  This only works, naturally,  if it isn’t a smack down migraine, of the sort where you’d welcome someone simply shooting you fatally on the spot.  Just not in the head.

Anyway, it’s another lovely evening with a completely uncertain weather picture looming ahead.  I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts.  And, of course, wonder What To Make For Dinner.  And continue to fight the good migraine fight.

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