Ear Questions

This morning’s adventure is going to involve ear candling.  The Partner is, shall we say, VERY DETAIL ORIENTED.  I, on the other hand, have trouble opening doors.  So, we must have a high level of compatibility to get past that basic division.  In any event, there is a clog in the ear of the Partner.  We’ve been struggling with ear drops and bulb ear syringes, to no avail.  There was a truncated episode with a Neti pot (I like them, He DOESN’T).  Now, in our search for ear answers, we are about to place…well, anyway.  He’s reading the directions, which include the use of a foil pan and are totally different than what the person who gave us the candles told me to do.  I guess we’ll do it his way- it’s easier and as I said, seriously.  Who you gonna listen to?  I am only the tiniest bit nervous about having something aflame stuck in an ear but people swear by these things.  So, we’ll see.  I am praying to all and sundry, fire gods and salamanders and everyone else, to at least PLEASE DON’T LET ME BURN THE YURT DOWN.  Naturally I am hoping for a bigger success, viz vanish the ear clog.  May the Force be with us, and with you too!


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