I Forgot

I suppose it’s obvious I didn’t burn the yurt down in this week’s earlier ear episode, but I did forget to mention it.  Some improvement in condition has been noted, and further treatment is to come.  It’s an exciting life.

Today I got to look at the baby/juvenile donkeys up the road from us, and commune with some cows and horses.  The starry eyed look they have as babies, the beginning glow and awe and beauty they radiate when they’re brand new, continues into the juvenile state.  The little black donkey was just starting to lose his baby fur, and now that it’s coming on winter he’s getting it back again.  It’s perplexing apparently and he doesn’t quite know where to scratch first,  but the awe continues anyway.  He’s learned to wiggle his ears at me when I pass by; they all do.  The neighboring dog knows our car and doesn’t feel the need to bark at us anymore, just nods us past as if to say, you’re ok, go on home.  Meanwhile since it was windy as all get out today, all the cows and calves and steers were lying down in the grass sunning themselves and avoiding the blasts.  The calves are getting bigger, and getting their winter coats- shaggy and lustrous at the same time, they still stay close to their moms, as do the colts across the road from them, but they do also, when they’re feeling Big and Independent and All Grown Up, stay close to the fence on the road where, often, it is possible to stop and chat with them.  I like to do that.  Then again I talk to the frog who is perching in the mugwort right outside our “dining room” window.   This usually starts the birds vocalizing and pretty soon we’ve got quite a symphonia going on.  Nothing wrong with me AT ALL.

Right now it is sunset, and the sky is peach and lavender, the mountains violet in the distance.  I’ve listened to the news today and am as usual disheartened and disgusted.  But.  There are all the beauties of life nonetheless.  I WOULD tell you about the triumph of getting out of the clutches of SEO mania earlier today, but my internet is doing its’ usual fadeout, so that will have to wait for another day.  Also, the frog is calling and there’s a lavender sky to investigate……

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