Halloween in haste….

Dear Gentle Reader:

I know I’ve been MIA for a couple of days.  But we’ve been busy and The Partner has forbidden me telling the Story of the Cricket.  HE thinks no one will believe it.  Suffice it to say our mettle and fortitude have been mightily tested these past few …days? lifetimes? aeons?

But Halloween has always been a favorite of mine- not for the candy or multi billion dollar costume industry- but because it signals a shift in time, between the worlds, between what we can see and what we can’t.  Sadly, my orange witch’s hat is someplace I know not where so I’ll just have to go as myself this year, although this far out in the boondocks I doubt it will be necessary to wear it.  No trick or treaters and apparently everyone out here knows me by now, and THAT is a bit appropriately scary.

So, although the world is still so much with me I have to fight the urge to curl into a ball and even the questions I finally CAN formulate go unanswered, I bid you a wonderful Halloween, a rewarding jaunt between the worlds.

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