Another Day

This morning I heard our car door slam very early.  We’re also having 35-40 mile an hour winds right now so all in all, a bit of sound and fury.

By the time I padded to the door, I saw our neighbor’s car racing down the driveway, and had an interesting few moments noticing how my mind went immediately to OMG WHATSWRONG.  I managed to wrestle that old pattern to the ground- after all, you always get the bad news so there’s no need to worry about that.  It’s interesting how our old conditioning just leaps up whether we want it to or not, but I guess that’s what makes life a continuing learning experience.  (Oh, GOODY.)

Anyway, shortly thereafter the phone rang, and it was our neighbor, telling me she’d left something on our front car seat, and also reassuring us that it hadn’t been a member of one of the numerous law enforcement agencies that find this area of interest zipping up to the yurt at the crack of dawn.  I thanked her, said I reckoned they’d continue using helicopters as they do every day; we discussed Thanksgiving plans (as in what to bring as we’re spending it with them this year) and I spelled Tuaca for her.  Then I went out to the car.

Sitting on the front seat was a small plate with the cutest donuts I’ve ever seen.  A smiling ghost and a pumpkin.  What a great way to start a day.  I hope the rest of it goes as well!

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