Once again the pothole loomed immediately upon getting out of bed.  Like I always say, THERE’S YOUR FIRST MISTAKE.  But, nonetheless.  We have another flat tire (this is, I think, the seventh since we’ve been here) which means a trek up to Big O, which meant reshuffling errands and all the things I do up there when I go which I basically did not think was going to be today, none of which was graspable by The Partner who didn’t want to be bothered with such things.  After all, he has to change the tire.  So that all went swimmingly.

Once again an opportunity to observe how our tiny minds work, and how far we so often are from seeing anything close to the size of the picture.  Even though it feels as though one is bombarded with incoming on a constant basis so there’s stuff floating around and falling like shrapnel all the time, of which you are glaringly aware.  Which you can also trip over if you’re really lucky.  So, in addition to the flat tire there’s also the fact that it’s supposed to freeze tonight. OH BOY.  Which means, the plants have to be covered with plastic so they don’t die. Which means……..which means? I better get to it, Gentle Reader.


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