The World According to Secret Squirrel

The rules appear to be changing every moment these days.  It makes it hard to come up with a plan, Gentle Reader, very hard indeed.  We’re in something way beyond wild, and it isn’t even fun.  Which to me, makes it verge on being sinful.  Things have to at least be fun at least part of the time, after all.    Also, there aren’t really any coincidences.  But the fine hand of creepiness is to be found in everything these days and it doesn’t lend itself to a sanguine interpretation of things.  We have been trying to finish up some business matters here at happy acres and one thing after another has gone sideways; it’s almost like the people we are dealing with are talking like Brad Pitt did in that movie where he was an Irish boxer.  We’re standing there alertly saying HUH? WHA? It is also as though the whole movement to devalue labor and work that has proceeded apace in this country has inserted itself into every single nook and cranny of everything, even self employment in the gulag.  It’s weird.  I’ve decided not to get upset about it but this is only after several days of decompensation.   This constant conversation with impending disaster gets old.  Then again, it all just means it’s time to look at it a different way.  Which for me means, on almost every level, JUST SAY NO.

As in.  Yesterday the phone rang and it was some yo yo- maybe one of the NEW! 80,000 JOBS! “created” last month- who claimed he was from my phone service carrier. I knew he wasn’t because my caller ID, unlike this particular caller, doesn’t generally lie.    He said something about how the records showed my phone usage was X.  I said, uhm, no actually they don’t.  And he just hung up.  Just saying no right at the beginning meant I didn’t have to waste more time telling him he was lying and attempting to commit fraud.  I bagged the internet stuff with my website too.  It took me 45 minutes to just continue to say “no” to get them to stop their non-service, and also their billing.  I’d already spent five hours on the phone with them, they hadn’t done anything they said they’d do to any degree of completion.  It seemed to me that if they’d put the same effort into delivering the service that they put into selling it, there might be something there.  As it was, it was just another opportunity for me to pay somebody to, essentially, do nothing.   Another know me fee.  To which I say, no, thank you.

It does seem as though there is some kind of convulsive thing happening, this beast we’re living in is starting to try and eat itself and I am not interested in being part of that buffet.  But it’s everywhere, all over the world.  So much time gets wasted in the name of…of what?  Ten phone calls and you still don’t have completion.  Days go by and everything is just blowing in the wind.  The powers that be are…still in power.  People pretend they’re busy, spend time online, whatever it is.  But nothing is getting done, really.  This is one big bubble.  I swing back and forth between those two eternals, hope and fear.  We are where we are, and what is, is.  But that deep inner equanimity is in short supply around here these days.


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