It Never Stops

We’re speechless here, really.   I’m wondering if a month on a warm beach would even begin to help.

First there was The Cricket.  Who lodged himself variously around the yurt and began emitting the loudest cricket sounds I’ve ever heard in my life, nightly (or morningly) for a week starting at about 2:30 a.m.  I think the frogs may have eaten him finally.  Or perhaps he froze.

Which led, MAYBE, to yesterday’s Fun With Water.  It seems as though the light freezes at night froze our pex plumbing tubing in addition to perhaps dispensing with the loudmouth cricket.  When it thawed the algae in the tube shook loose and produced the psychedelic effects we witnessed yesterday.  YEUGH, in short.

But then.  There was a very loud crash which turned out to be a car/water pump fracas across the road, which The Partner saw through binoculars from up on the bluff, raced down and took off to the rescue thereof.  That took some time.  Now, today, we’re getting the flyovers from whoever it is who looks for “illegal immigrants” and the noise is making our tattered nerves vibrate.  Our landlady is building a temple of sorts on the aforementioned  bluff above us and we’re waiting for the wild pigs to find it and declare game on.  Which should be any dawn now.

I HAD NO IDEA.  This is hands down the weirdest place I’ve ever lived.   I think I like it.


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