Veteran’s Day

It has been a really fun day around here, Gentle Reader.  The guys across the road let their dog bark the sun up so that provided just the wonderful element we needed to face yet another day, blearily.  They responded like a$$#@^$ and it remains to be seen what the next installment will be.  The dog is really the only one there who manifests any signs of intelligence so it’s a bit dicey.

The car crash of earlier in the week continued reverberating a bit, we were out of milk and it’s cold and gray.  Veteran’s day depresses me, actually, because I think of everything it means, involves, the pain and suffering and sacrifice and service- usually, it seems to me at least in my lifetime, in service of something I absolutely do not and cannot agree with.  I totally support our service members but it breaks my heart to see the use they are put to.   Integrating back into any society, much less this one, can only be challenging beyond what the average person can even begin to imagine after such a set of experiences as combat involves.  So I’m depressed and angry and sad.  As an alternative modality practitioner, I think I have things to offer in this arena that would be positive and helpful.  It’s pretty hard to get anybody to listen, so far.  The Partner has his own question.  Knowing what will happen to you when you’re in the military, yet going anyway?  I think the Iraq Vets Against the War deserve all the support we can give them- they are on the right page and their message needs to be heard.   The rich cannot be allowed to throw the bodies of their country people into the conflagrations caused by their greed.  Oversimplification, yes.  Essentially true? Yes.

Meanwhile, Herman Cain continues to astound.  He made a joke referring to Anita Hill.  This is a person you want running ANYTHING? SERIOUSLY? A JOKE ABOUT ANITA HILL?  This man is, astonishingly, really an actual jerk.  It’s all pretty scary today, in short.  We hope that tomorrow will provide enough mood elevation to involve baking.  That’s usually a good thing to do to restore perspective- today, just not up to it.


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