Change of Venue

AS usual, Gentle Reader, wherever you go, there you are.  Which can be a perfectly fine thing, depending.

Things have been a bit grim here at Chez Boozilla of late for one reason and another.  Today even though I had work to do, I lit out.   It did help, actually, for a moment.  So it’s always worth while changing one’s perspective in order to maintain it.  There is a year round Christmas store in town, and while this isn’t usually my thing, our neighbor and I went in and ooohed and aaaahed over the absolutely spectacular trees and ornaments.  There was one tree with African Jungle animals (stuffed toys, and great ones), one with birds (feathered ornaments), one with kitchen themed stuff, one with..oh, just all sorts of things.  They had frogs and toadstools and old fashioned long beaked birds and Santa Clauses and acorns and pine cones, fairies and bears and on and on.  Flowers- angel’s trumpets and wisteria, all crystal and sparkle.  Glittering and intensely colored  huge leaves.  AND.  They had upside down trees, which is an absolutely brilliant idea.  The whole thing was oddly restorative even if the store keeper followed us through the many rooms as though she needed to.  My neighbor was quite capable of selecting items and purchasing them all on her own.

Then we went to the grocery store.  This is a fairly rural area and lots of people garden and grow vegetables.  Which is why both of us were struggling to keep our mouths from hanging open when the girl at the checkout counter (massively teased hair, check.  cocktail ring, check.  eyeliner, check.) had no idea what one of my items was.  And what was this mysterious thing?  GREEN BEANS.  Green Beans, Gentle Reader.  I’m still not quite over it.


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