Batting A Thousand

That’s what we did today, for sure.  Now I’ve even managed to give myself an upset stomach for extra fun.  It’s one thing to live out in the country, but when you have to run unscheduled errands it starts to add up.  Yesterday we went to town twice because a pair of glasses got left at the donut counter in the grocery store.  Now we have to go back to effing Home Depot because the plastic we got to cover the garden so it would not freeze (LIKE TONIGHT FOR EXAMPLE) turned out to be like a big $50 roll of plastic toilet paper.  Even though, of course, I was at Home Depot today.  But, tomorrow.  The expected mail did not arrive, either, which means yet another trip to either Redding or Red Bluff when it does being as how it has a check in it.   And not having had the intestinal fortitude to change banks right now on top of everything else, my bank is of course not anywhere close to here.

So I’m sitting here fervently praying that my plants don’t freeze tonight.  That might just be the straw that breaks the whole thing up- in short, possible snap fest alert.  The rest of everything that went to hell in a handbasket today, well.   Some days it’s really hard, and that is all there is to it.  Even though it was beautiful today, the golden leaves swirling in pillars against the dark gray sky, the huge sculpted clouds,  the rolling hills frosted to a dun color, and the sweeping banks of rain across the mountains with huge flocks of birds boiling in and out of them.  Still.  I’m worried about  everything today, unhelpful as that is.  It doesn’t even burn calories, adding insult to injury.

Meanwhile, The Partner is cheerily predicting Armageddon again (something of a routine with him)- we’re listening to the news about all the things that are going sideways, principally economically.  Part of what makes all this so flummoxing is it really is almost impossible to make a plan or look to the future; after all, we got ourselves to this place, collectively and individually, and perhaps don’t want to quite redo THAT set of steps.  So, today, dear oh dear.  Strange days.  That inner place of peace seems like a long way off.


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