Deviating from the norm…

I heard today that a journalist in Iran got a year in jail for “deviating from Islamic normalcy”.  He said something about how women shouldn’t HAVE to wear headscarves if they don’t want to.  Deviating from the norm is, apparently, dangerous.  I thought so.

Meanwhile we are slogging through what needs to be done.  The turkey came out well, and a miracle happened with the gravy.  We’re almost ready to put the mini greenhouse arrangement up over the plants, and….and….it feels alot like Odysseus, sowing the dragon’s teeth and having warriors spring up out of the furrows.  If memory serves.  The illusion of  “getting things accomplished” bouncing off things  just springing up all over the place demanding attention to the point where focus is non-existent, topped off with a dollop of “reality”.  I don’t know, but I think it’s happy hour.  It’s the best idea I’ve got at the moment.   After all.  Tomorrow is, indeed another day, and another opportunity to continue the deviation.  Which, I’m pretty sure, we’ll do.

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  1. Офигеть сколько комментариев написала на этом блоге а их даже не опубликовывают. Позор!


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