A Set of Miracles, No. 1

This morning the parrots were on my…well, front…eating their breakfasts.  They like to perch on their bowls, lean back onto me where my heart is, then crunch their way through everything.  They make small growly noises, close their eyes, then look up and smile at me.  Boo has started doing a little routine in which she looks like a Mardi Gras Indian in New Orleans.  Totally fluffed up, slowly waving back and forth, she gets on first one leg and unfurls her tail and the opposite wing.  Then she waves the free leg around in circles for a three count.  Then, reverse.  All while totally fluffed up.  Poppy affects disinterest and usually just climbs under my hair, making confidential little comments only I can hear, usually to the effect of what a good bird she is.  And she is, too.

So there I was, crawling up onto the Pinnacle of Some Small Restoration of Order, and it struck me while all this breakfast dancing was going on just how astonishing so many things are.  Like music.  There’re only a certain number of notes and yet they get combined into unique messages and sounds that haunt you and bring joy too.  Like snowflakes and grains of sand and feathers and clouds and leaves and….everything.  The same, yet no two alike.  The breathtaking order and beauty of it!  Then there’s writing and painting and knitting and cooking and building things and….there is so much wonderful stuff in life and it is so easy to lose sight of it.  Or have it taken far away from us.  But we all can walk in beauty once we make the choice.

The Partner remarked to me today how lucky I am to be able to do work that brings me joy.  I AM lucky in that regard, even though at this point it doesn’t pay the rent quite.  But really.  All you’ve got is time and why spend it doing things you can’t stand?  I may not have this entire concept in one room yet, and I’m not even close to sure that all the sacrifices that got made to get to this particular point were “right”- but as Helen Keller said, life is either a daring adventure or it is nothing at all.

I agree with that.  Tomorrow, the Tale of the Rice Cooker.

LATE BREAKING NEWS: I thought I’d lost this earlier, deep in the bowels of cyberspace.  And in fact, it DID get lost.  Along with some editing….oh ##$@!!.  The good news was the clogged chimney cap from hell was discovered before we died from asphyxiation last night.  The bad news is that as the poster child for Einstein’s definition of crazy I keep trying to publish this and it keeps giving me the same ominous error message that my “attempt to edit” this post “failed.”  So, while I handled it ok yesterday, this morning it’s starting to get on my last nerve.  So this is it.  One more try and then INTO THE TRASH.


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  1. Did you design the layout this well with the default comment tools? Your blog is incredible.


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