Arming the Bears

Struggle as I have been, I still cannot rid myself of the pervasive malaise that descends whenever a) I think about my bank account, and b) I listen to any news.  ANY.

For example.  On Le Show, a wonderful program by Harry Shearer, this past week the astounding news was revealed that Dow Chemical, after having destroyed thousands of people’s lives in Bhopal, India, and having been charged with providing that community with LIFE LONG FREE MEDICAL CARE has now decided that a vaccine they developed by unannounced testing on that same suffering community- well, those people should pay for that vaccine.  Speechless, Gentle Reader.

Politics in the US?  Please.  Our fearless “lawmakers” just torched Habeas Corpus last week.  Need we say more?  Even now President Obama is on a news clip, saying that America is/should be, a place where you can make it if you try.  Make it where? and What? and, BESIDES WHICH.  Who cares? If the entire country is essentially a militarized zone because of..well, because of….WMD, right? The War on Terrorism, right? and thus all its citizens are under military jurisdiction and can thus be arrested by said military if said citizens appear, to said military’s judgement, to be…er…terroristically inclined.  Of course this is all pabulumized to be about Guantanamo and how our Constitution and stuff used to seem to prohibit the government from doing things like arresting people and not allowing them to contact ANYBODY much less a lawyer and certainly NOT to torture them.  But that was before the Constitution Knew About Terrorists.  Right? Because these terrorists are Threatening Our Way of Life and Therefore We Must Use Any Means Necessary.  Funny, when Malcolm X said that..why, what a coincidence.  He was a terrorist, wasn’t he?

So I’m really disgusted.  And a bit scared.  Also? Cold.  But today when I went out to see how my tenting operation over the garden went (so far OK) I figured I could fill the hummingbird feeder again since the 40+ mph winds have ceased for the time being.  So, cleaned and filled, I put the feeder up and said, I don’t know if you’re still here but- and the rest of my words were drowned out by the buzzing of tiny, irridescent wings, as if to say, Where the hell else would I be? IT’S ABOUT TIME, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.  So all was well there for the time being anyway.

The sky is peach and lavender, the hills are a milky slate blue, darkening,  and it’s dinner time.  Something with beans and rice and leek stuffed mushrooms, I think.  Now that I have apparently truly conquered chicken soup (I personally think cilantro is the secret ), on to another level of comfort food.   All we have to do  is not run out of propane tonight.

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