Continuing Speechlessness

Today the sun came up to prolonged gunfire.  We think someone around here has made an indoor (” “) shooting range.   They have many guns.  How great is that?  Now it’s nightfall and some Intellect is outside with a chainsaw.  In the dark.  I sometimes think the crazy train just stopped here, dropped everyone on it in the dust, and took off.

And, oh, stories to tell but even changing the names won’t be good enough.  It’ll just have to wait.  Meanwhile preparations continue for the weekend Christmas Fair.  Christmas.  I can’t even begin to take that in.  Also? I found it somewhat confusing at the post office when I head this:

Patron: Do you have any Christmas stamps?

Postal Employee:  Yes, but we only have the Madonna.

Patron: Oh, I don’t want THOSE.  I don’t want to offend anyone.

Uh.  Christmas is a Christian holiday (even if appropriated timewise from much older traditions) which celebrates the birth of Christ.  His mom? The Madonna.  So if this is a religious holiday (even though you’d be hard pressed to really think that what with the selling of it beginning before Halloween), and it is a Christian religious holiday (Black Friday not withstanding), and the Madonna is a, shall we say, central part of this event just who would you offend by using a stamp with her image on it, probably to mail….a Christmas card to another person of the same religious persuasion?  Not to mention what a rabidly Christian area this is but STILL.  I am confused.  Again.  I’m not religious but this sort of thing makes me slightly bananas.  Fortunately I have a picture of the Dalai Lama posted in a place where I can just stand and shake my head and wonder How Much More of This Is there?  He of course smiles and reminds me that there is no point in too much worry.  But I’m CONFUSED! I say to the picture.  I am referred to some pithy texts via the ethers, which get me back down to a point where I can:

Continue mixing, jarring and labelling things, I can’t find the tablecloth we use for the event and there will be ice on the road at our 5 am takeoff time.  Still.  We’re forging ahead and tonight! We are going to use our wood burning stove to roast some potatoes.  The dismal state of things can be set aside for the nonce.

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