OK, it’s already January 3 and I’m still pattering around wishing I could stay in my nightgown for the rest of the week.  The sunset has faded from pink clouds and melon color to a rather foreboding blue gray, the eggyolk yellow of the setting sun almost a celadon strip on the horizon.

The world of course is still WAAAAAY too much with us, and tonight we’re having another Leftover Challenge, so as not to Think Too Much About Anything.  How can people in Iowa, A number one: Have that much influence over who a Presidential candidate will be? I am stumped, so to speak….and A number two: Be having any trouble at all just saying no to the present slate of….caucus candidates?  Seriously?  Santorum?  Not to mention all the rest of it.  So.  Enter beans.

I didn’t have a package of mixed beans so I made one myself.  Many elderly beans in this, but we’re hoping the pressure cooker takes care of that.  Then, I’m thinking diced up leftover smoked turkey, carrots, celery, the beans, herbs and whatnot.  Leftovers may merit cornbread.  Or biscuits.   I’m hoping my clever mix of white beans (small and large), black beans, yellow peas and orange lentils, oh, and the black eyed peas I didn’t make at the Actual new year….Anyway I’m hoping this mix has a little panache that will benefit from some various prestidigitation.  Or else, scrambled eggs.  Anyway, the timer has gone off and in a few minutes……the beans will be unveiled. and ready to be put in their next manifestation. Or not, depending on whether the spa like conditions of the pressure cooker were persuasive with some of our older ingredients.

A recipe at this point is easier to make up than a life plan.

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  1. The only thing I knew about Iowa before the election was that the metal band, Slipknot was from there. And, it’s mostly white. Like, stunningly white. Anne Hathaway white.

    Also a lot of young people and smart people are fleeing the state as if to avoid the plauge in hopes of a better career and/or education. Which, I think, would also explain the candidates and the lack of boot impressions on their buttocks.


  2. We were thinking the lack of boot impressions on posterior areas was because of the initial composition of…individual candidates’…areas….. Marshmallow, perhaps? Altho that may be an insult to marshmallows……still, fluff for brains??? Grasping at straws, perhaps. In any event, a Scary Color Scheme. But a consistent musical one it would seem….


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