After Beans, the Laundry

I already did the laundry, but nonetheless.  The beans did turn out amazingly well so a modicum of calm was restored, thank goodness.  Tonight will include cornbread and some kind of vegetable gratin, in hopes of more calm.

Meanwhile we’re trying to slog through things and as usual, even though I had a firm and fast Important List of Things To Get Done, the universe intruded with a series of informational sequences, of which I am still trying to unravel the meaning, for the most part.  It doesn’t look altogether good.

BUT.  Nils desperendum, right?  I’m glad we don’t have TV- even though the Partner is ramping up his active campaign to get something that allows network and public television to enter the yurt- because I’m not sure I can handle listening to doom and gloom about 2012, which according to all reports is verging on incessant.  A whole year of that?  Not to mention the election.  ”   “.   It is true, we think here, that at this point the media is pretty much straight out propaganda.  Who really believes the “recession” is “over”?  Or that Iraq was a “success”?   It’s all very peculiar.

And thus, perhaps all our perceptions are happening on a gradient.  It’s all relative in a way.  Supposedly the U.S. is “the best” country in the world.  What is that based on?  An old idea of how things were, how they might have been at one time.  Perhaps it is a question of how much really horrible stuff goes on unchecked and tacitly endorsed, this “best”?  We watched The Kite Runner the other night.  I was struck by how, at the same time, the characters seemed exactly like anyone, anywhere, and also totally horrific things transpired which are the sort of things that make people say that, in comparison,  the horrific performing group is “backward”.  Or “bad”.  Or whatnot.  And this was all happening in the same arena, so to speak.  Just as it always is.  So perhaps the U.S. contention of being the “best” is based on an old standard of decency that doesn’t altogether exist.  Our society now lets its weakest members suffer, and cant and hypocrisy rule the day to all appearances.  Anyway it made me think about how easy it is for us to judge each other, and how afraid so many people are.  They’re afraid so they react combatively,  meanly, cruelly.  Over time it is possible to notice that when someone accuses you of something or calls you a name or bullies you, they are the ones who embody the insults they hurl in both behavior and thought.  It should, then, be easier to walk away from these things.  Over time it does become so.  I now find, however, that the lack of understanding and the inability to communicate manifested by such things and behaviors is not something I can just walk away from.  Of course, what to do, what to do.

Lao Tzu wrote that one should do one’s work, and then let it go.  I guess with all the uncertainty and shift going on ow, the looming question of what one’s work will BE can be a bit of a poser.  But the bottom line remains that our work is, indeed, to help each other and be stewards of our earth.  Right now, we’re wondering how we can do that effectively and survivably not just for us, but for everyone.  So, we’re working on the world, one recipe at a time, here at yurt central.

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