First, We Kill All the Bees

I’ve long suspected that the carving up of the world economy post world war two laid the foundation for a huge amount of the effery we experience today.  Think, for example, about all the chemical and pharmaceutical  companies who to a greater or lesser extent played both ends against the middle during that conflict- and came out winners.  Nice people, as Harry Shearer says, doing nice things.

Bayer, for example.  Bayer who makes aspirin, and Bayer who makes pesticides.  Bayer, whose stout denial that their products were KILLING bees has proven to be on the same level of truth as Dupont’s protestations about dioxin and everything else they make.   Well, actually: the stuff Bayer makes doesn’t actually kill the bees, Gentle Reader.  No, it just CONFUSES them so they can’t find their way home.  Totally different thing, altogether…. isn’t it?

So, I’ve been wondering.  Just, exactly, how stupid do you have to be to do  this?  Kill something that is absolutely essential to  survival, know you are doing it, lie about doing it, and just carry on in umbrage when anyone points out you’re essentially destroying life on the planet.  I mean, seriously.  Bees are not optional, negotiable, or insignificant.  And we now get another round of petition signing and congress-person contacting and all the rest of it.  Just to try and stop these miserable lying sacks of excuses for human beings from continuing to, essentially, kill all of us.   With all this stuff that’s perfectly safe and poses no danger to health.  Which, may be true actually.  After all the pesticides have been sprayed and the nuclear waste from Fukushima et al has floated around the entire globe, there won’t BE any health to worry about.  Or food, of course, because- no bees.  Then these masterminds can go in pursuit of some other planet to screw up.  What a plan!

None for me, thanks.  Now, attitude adjustment time…..back, at least for today, to learning how to live in an ever expanding field of opposites, all of which are composed of myriad opposites within opposites themselves, vast fields of energy and life in motion.  Learning, essentially, how to look past duality and move with the whole thing, wherever it’s going.  There will, as usual, be cooking involved since that’s the only thing that seems to work for me these days in terms of finding some kind of center- really, why can’t that center be caramel?  Or chocolate ganache.  Or tacos?  Seriously.   I can get behind THAT.

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  1. Imagine a conglomerate of thousands of Dr. Evils and you can imagine what kinds of people really run the place.

    How else would someone like Tim DeChristopher be locked up for, wait for it… bidding on on federal land set aside for drilling oil, when he had no intention of drilling. Yup, the guy got 2 years for trying to buy land that otherwise was aimed at oil companies, thereby “interfering” with a federal auction.

    Bottom line seems to be that if you have cash to throw around, you’re more than likely able to get away with murder. Bees and even People.


    • We heard a Russian musician interviewed recently, and HE said, of the current Russian regime compared to Stalin, “These guys are more evil than THOSE guys.” I am afraid this is true everywhere one looks. But Dr. Evil never wins, after all, no matter how he mutates. And he is, indeed, mutating like CRAZY. I still can’t understand how the control panels got taken over like this, but…….


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