I’m quoting above there, from a colleague in Canada.  Something about being pulled through the eye of a needle while it’s on fire.

So, today.  We fell off the Gratitude Truck and watched the proceeding events from the undercarriage.  Boo (zilla) laid another egg so a certain amount of anxious watching came to an end.  Now we just have to keep her from doing it yet again.  But the trend of things seemed to be….everyone riding on a wave of situation specific inattention.  My elderly mother has lung congestion, for which she was prescribed antibiotics, even though it is not to all appearances a bacterial issue, which is to say no blood tests, no yellow phlegm, no fever.  Since bacteria is all that antibiotics address I have to wonder who this made feel better.  So, fine.  Her immune response can be further tampered with to no purpose.  There are certain financial and business insanities around here as well, and to my eye people are just doing the Lemming Rag- as in, the market changes and you have to change with it.  Well, let’s see here. I guess that means that all the stuff that’s worked so well, the banking system?  The general business climate that’s so great? We all just need to catch that wave.  Except.  The housing market changed.  The job market changed.  Agriculture changed.  Hmmm.  Construction changed.  We’re all dog paddling as fast as we can and from here it just looks to me like people are thinking that as long as they have theirs, essentially, well, it’s all good.  But of course it isn’t all good.  In fact, one market after another has crashed, if not smashed, and adapting to that behaviorally by embracing the point-man excesses isn’t going to get us out of the quagmire.  Wait- did I say quagmire? I think I meant inferno.  What’s a cross between a quagmire and an inferno?

Meanwhile once again, we do have what we need inside us.  HARD AS THAT IS TO BELIEVE AT TIMES.  In a moment when I felt like I had stuck a fork into a light socket (except we don’t have sockets in the yurt) suddenly the flowers spoke.  Flower essences are a big part of what I do in my work, and suddenly one flower in particular just about stood up and said, Hey! Knock it off!  Do your work and let it go!  This is irrelevant in the Big Picture!!!! Get a grip!! So I pulled the tattered remnants of today’s self together,  and took the specific essence, which happened to be Buttercup.  Then I realized that the buttercups are coming up all over around here, yellow beauty and gentle splendor.   So I am making an essence now, as we speak.  This is, of course, a whole topic, a whole world of exploration, which I initially didn’t think I would ever write about in this blog.  But on the other hand, keeping all our selves separate generally winds up not working, so here it is sticking its stamens and pistils in.   Essentially these preparations work on our electromagnetic systems, and they are indeed powerful, and very gentle even though they all do embody the entirety of nature’s powers.  So today I got to be my own patient.  And you know what? It worked.  I helped myself- really, that’s pretty awesome.  Thank goodness flowers can talk, and if we listen they’ll teach us day by day.

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