Curving out the straights….

Or, possibly, straits.  What with one thing and another it’s been a few minutes since last I wrote, Gentle Reader.  We’ve had, for example, no internet for some time, on and off.  Weather.  It would seem.  Then again it could just be the veritable fabric of the universe rending itself into intergalactic tidbits.

The Birthday went well, even if it was cakeless.  I made creme brulee instead.  The following Slough of Despond had mostly to do with technical issues, like the aforementioned no internet, although there was the usual amount of Disturbing Personal News.  Also with what I discovered when I GOT internet, which was that once again some body hacked into my website.  Another password change, then I couldn’t get into it myself.   We decided the sensible thing was to watch Pirates of the Caribbean again.

These are all minor things of course although massively irritating- the price one pays for participation in a virtual reality.   People will hack, apparently, no matter what. (Even if, as according to my Web Host, there’s “no reason why they’d hack YOUR site.”) They will also leave strange comments on blogs in Afrikaans.   I’m amazed and happy that people read this blog, and I do thank you all for commenting and following!  It’s astonishingly heartening to see that people are looking, and paying attention, and reading.  It’s just hard, sometimes, to tell what is a comment and what isn’t, so SHOULD YOU leave a comment that revels in ambiguity, perhaps ending in numbers,  please don’t be upset if I don’t get it and thus do not approve it.  If you’re a spammer of course you’re not paying any attention anyway, so no worries.  Thank you all, in any event.

Meanwhile I continue to view the ever widening gap in this country between rich and poor with open mouthed incomprehension.  We’re in a world now where you have to pay for television for God’s sake, get an unbreakable contract for that same television service or a phone, and be fed a constant stream of pabulum (“news”, commercials, ROBOCALLS!) which is supposed to be taken as honest truth through both mediums.  You also have to have health insurance.  Which is even more astronomical in cost than television.  And which, if you are not covered by same, means you get no care if you become ill.  The provisions for non-insured health care in this country are: None.   I hate to be the one to break this news, but not everyone can afford health insurance.  Not everyone feels it prudent to spend $600 or more a month on something they don’t use because they are healthy.  Not everyone wants an insurance or pharmaceutical company to be telling them what care they can receive.  Or a bunch of politicians for that matter.    Yes indeed, many scam the system.   Many more, however,  do not.  But care still needs to be given and attention paid to everyone, whether or not the prevailing review boards think they’re worth saving or not.   I laugh every time I hear the ridiculous assertion about the new Health Care Law- that it includes “death panels”.  Really?  What do you think they call it now when someone who is elderly or disabled or has the “wrong” sort of cancer is refused treatment?  Even if they have insurance?

I really, really wish we could all…stop for a day.  Stop and look.  Then make the changes we need so desperately.  I, for one, am very tired indeed of watching people I know and care about,  as well as those I do not, suffering, dying, because…why?  Because the overweening greed that runs things now has not been served.  Maybe Shakespeare would add bankers and insurance agents to his list in, I think, Henry VIII- if he were still around?



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