On Freedom

The Partner and I were talking about this topic earlier, as it happened.  It seems that freedom has a rather loose definition these days, perhaps meaning actually just that one is not actually incarcerated at the present time.  We were thinking about friends we know, and ourselves as well, who basically played by all the rules only to find that not only weren’t we playing by the Rules, but there really AREN’T any rules, and the ones there seem to be can be changed at the drop of a hat by….well, you know who, Gentle Reader, right?  Suddenly people who thought they were a part of All This, thought they had an actual future, realize they’re one cough away from the junk heap.  This is extraordinarily frightening for a lot of people, and it is real.  We’re fed untruth after untruth in the form of “news”; laws get passed none of us has any idea about or would approve if we did; values become entrenched that are wholly based on who is dominating who.  If you are one of the lucky individuals who still are swimming along in this slipstream, still have money, still think you have a viable future within this construct and apparatus, I wish you the best of luck.  I listen to people now who believe that part of what’s going on now with the 2012 Thing is that many will be taken off earth, put someplace else, and the remaining few will be marching forward in Ascended Dimensional Form, making earth safe for……I don’t know, I usually am holding my breath and counting to 75 by the time we get to that point.  Really.  We don’t have much time and this stuff, all of it across the continuum,  is starting to be beyond wasteful: It’s idiotic.  We are destroying the planet, our food sources are unsafe, the public water supplies are dwindling and also not what you might think they are, there’s radioactive material afoot in the broad seas, trees are dying, people are dying- and holy mother of whatsit, people are still worried about their frigging apps and shoes and God knows what,  along with who has said something they disagree with and what horrible fate should thus befall said person.  Never mind the fact that post-Occupy several laws have been passed that should make the next round of protest quite a bit different.  Just think.  You could be classified as a danger to society for expressing your opinion peacefully.  You could be arrested and jailed, indefinitely.  Remember, habeas corpus disappeared last year.

Which is why, when I read this article in Common Dreams today, www.commondreams.org/view/2012/04/10-3, about the Miami Marlins and how new Manager Ozzie Guillen (who I really like) said he admired Castro, essentially for his toughness and longevity, the right wing old guard Cubans in town wanted his head torn from his body and used for a dart board.  Exeunt severally the Marlins.  SO.  What kind of freedom is that, Gentle Reader?  An American expresses an opinion about something which is not new- Castro hasn’t just shown up this week in Cuba, seriously- and other Americans (also transplanted) want HIS freedom of expression curtailed, terminated, and they want him to lose his job, along with probably a lot of other people.  Because why? Because their draconian idea of what freedom is means it is just for THEM, not for anyone who might disagree with them.  (OH! and in somewhat related and fun news? did you know that police anywhere in the U.S. can STRIP SEARCH YOU if they think they have a reason to? How about those apples?) And since in this great country of ours things are about money?  This ridiculous thing has snowballed into a life threatening experience for an entire baseball team.  Instead of standing up for one’s supposed rights and supposed freedom including of speech, everyone is rushing to punish Guillen for expressing what is on some level a simple statement of fact.  And this tempest in a teacup turns into national news, big stuff, supposedly about the Cuban community- but what it is really about is the continuing flow out and down the tubes, of freedom.  Castro is far from perfect and he’s done awful things.  It’s just that unlike Bautista, he isn’t OUR imperfect guy doing awful things.  My heart is in wriggling pieces, looking at all this stuff all the time and seeing the lies pile up higher and deeper, yet knowing that we are here to help each other and do no harm, what choice is there but to carry on?  Anyway, my vote is for Ozzie.  Everybody else in Miami needs to wake up, realize they aren’t alone on earth, and get over it.  There’s baseball to play if these dinosaurs would get out of the way.  And Ozzie Guillen may be a wild and crazy guy, but he’s a great baseball guy too.   Pay attention to what’s in front of your nose, and quit expecting others to hold the mirror for you non-stop.

3 responses to this post.

  1. There is no freedom of speech if you’re someone of influence. A private citizen may speak his mind to any end, but heaven forbid you express your personal views and you happen to have some authority. It’s an interesing dichotomy; we have to choose between being a public individual and having our free speech suppressed or be a private citizen and have almost no bound.

    The good news is that in a little while, when the heat dies down a bit, he can write a book about it and regain some of that freedom.

    I’m already pretty used to the belt and shoe removal at airports. The spontaneous strip search is if you’re detained for any reason (even for questioning) so that’s all we need to entice cooperation from the uncooperative. There goes that government logic again.

    There’s one silver lining to the insanity and that’s the Internet.

    It’s quite a bit harder to lie, cheat, steal and detain-without-just-cause today than even a few years ago thanks to the way we perceive old media. That ol’ lying sack of… well you know. It’s only a matter of time before the detainee’s Facebook friends and Twitter followers raise all hell everywhere before people are forced to acknowledge what they’ve been ignoring. Governments exist ultimately to self-validate, not protect (though some of the alleged protection is a nice side-effect).

    Leave it to a few disgruntled individuals within an organization to bring it to its knees via embarrassment. I.E. Bradley Manning, though the scope of his black-eye inducing punch may preclude a fair trial.

    I have a feeling people will turn away from supermarkets back to local growers just because they don’t feel safe with mass production. And I wouldn’t be surprised if more people turned to growing their own food if they have enough land to play with. These days land is cheaper due to the housing market collapse.

    Also, more people are utilizing rainwater collection for their toilets and irrigation. Much better option than pouring potable water literally down the drain.

    I’m waiting until December 20 this year to buy up as much land as I can for pennies on the dollar from people getting ready for the End of the World™ on the 21st. They won’t need them after all, the spaceship will take them to a world with no taxes… or pants.

    Besides… rules shmooles.
    I’m gonna wear my underwear on my head. That’ll show em!


    • Your optimism is refreshing! And of course time carries us all along with it, revealing different points of interest than we might have thought were there- combining different perspectives really is important. It does seem as though we are rapidly sliding into a tipping point, to me, anyway. Which in itself is encouraging- even this level of corruption and blockheadedness can’t last forever. Onward.


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