The Mendoza Line

Once upon a time there was a baseball player named Mendoza, and he had such a tragic batting average that an actual Situation was named after him…the Mendoza line is a level which, if one sinks below it, all is pretty much lost.  You’re firmly in the cellar.

Which is pretty much how it feels around here at the moment.   I’ve realized that, you know? I can’t really listen to the news much any more.  When you understand that the modus operandi about “news” is pretty much if something comes out or up that displeases our corporate rulers, they simply provide documentation refuting that displeasing thing, saying it isn’t true.  Like when Exxon Mobil produced stuff that showed there was scientific dispute about global warming.  There wasn’t, of course, but they were able to fool most of the people for most of the time.  There’s Monsanto, too, needless to say.  We’re still in the Piscean Age of fear of the natural world, which includes plants, weeds, bugs, and apparently, women.  For starters.  Agricultural land is being purchased by corporate entities, as are water rights.  Do you feel happy about that Gentle Reader?  I don’t.  Corporate interests don’t do well at keeping water clean, just for starters.  Up here, PG&E, the power company, has been sued for polluting Lake Shasta- with the stuff they use to seed clouds so it’ll rain so they can make electricity.  For…who knows where? Ours is out so much it hardly seems it could count.

So when you add that to the mix which currently includes a couple of business pains in rear,  illness, rattlesnakes in the garden and a locust plague on the way, it definitely feels as though we are waaaaaaay below the Mendoza line.  So I’ve been thinking.

When I started this blog, whenever THAT was, I didn’t think I should or would be including much about what I do (admittedly hard to describe), which has come to seem more and more what I *am*, therefore the lens through which many things are of necessity filtered.   Why did I decide that?  Perhaps I was still in my hiding habit, not secretive necessarily but not needlessly forthcoming.  I’ll admit I got very tired indeed of that patronizing wave of the hand people would come up with when they asked me what I did and I told them.  I worked on understanding that such behavior is the result of ignorance.  I worked on my own understanding and the expression of that in a way that everyone could understand.  And I found? If you cling to and purposely choose ignorance, it might start to add up to stupidity.  Which, you will forgive me, seems to be rampantly everywhere.  Even when I would do things that created positive, even striking, results for people somehow it never added up to them saying, Jeez.  This is real!  Instead of something like, oh, what a coincidence.  So I had to let that go, worrying about that.  It is what it is, and that’s…it.  The same thing is true of most things, really,(like writing, let’s say, and blogs!) and there you are back at Lao Tzu and letting go once you do your work.  The lesson to be learned though is this.  It’s not about convincing anyone of anything.  It’s about being true to what you learn from experience and study, being true to your inspiration, and not letting fear of anything stop you. It is about really doing the best you can.  Which of course is easy to say.

So, as one goes on one’s way, it becomes easy to wonder from time to time if one is in fact missing the point, fooling oneself, being rigid instead of truthful.  That sort of thing.  I heard a story today about someone I know who essentially talked himself out of a work space because he simply wouldn’t cooperate around scheduling.  Too much rigidity for the situation?  So one constantly wonders and reviews and tries to make sense of it all and eventually finds….making sense of it all is not the most possible thing to do.  Sticking with the inspiration is the important thing, the hard thing.  A stern master, inspiration is.  Others may not share it, may not give you the time of day, may do all sorts of things.  Not to mention the challenges of a monetized world.  But when that inspiration strikes, when the work is true and the effort sings and hits the mark, there is the reward.

So I’m just thinking about it all, and realizing that no matter how battered and bruised one may be from the past decade, there is a strong shining line that leads on like a mysterious piece of a map.  Everything around us seems to be shifting, blowing up, in poor repair especially when you consider the nature of government and society, and it’s hard to know where to look.  Take Rio+20, for example.  As scary as it is, I’m glad I have that line to follow.  And while there probably won’t be pictures, there will be a story told here, which if nothing else I hope will let someone else know that it does exist, that line, and we must all find it somehow for ourselves.  And that when we do there is always something to steady ourselves with however difficult the path may be.  A basic concept in many esoteric traditions is that when you improve your awareness you improve awareness across the board.  This makes sense if you consider that everything is energy, it’s all moving, and it’s pretty much of a piece even though we don’t see it that way.  It seems like a short runway right now, indeed, but perhaps ever more reason to remember that magic does exist, miracles do happen, and we really can do our best, no matter what.

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