What Year Is It On Your Planet?

Good lord, Gentle Reader.  GOOD LORD.  The Romney today discussed his energy plans if “elected”- essentially, they are to drill the patoot out of every thing in sight, national forests and parks, off shore, in the Arctic, you name it.  Then we won’t have to buy oil from “anyone we don’t want to.”    We’ll all be total crispy critters by this time, not too far hence, even though of course climate change isn’t REALLY REAL (or it might be, just like dinosaurs), but by cracky we won’t have to buy oil from…well, from Those People.  Win win, I guess.  You think?

Then there’s major league baseball.  It’s hard to tell if their drug testing program is designed for the good of the players and the game, or if it’s just a thinly disguised and heavily applied witch hunt.  Everybody at that table has relatively grimy hands, and my thought? Start over.  Make clear guidelines and stick with them, and have those guidelines stem from actual fact about the substances in question.    Right now the rules for everything in baseball seem pretty byzantine and that isn’t a good thing.  You really ought not interrupt a Zen place with politics and plotting that makes the average opera look tame.

THEN? There’s the fact that all these corporate interests who supposedly sell us “natural” foods are giving tons of cash to the political effort to prevent proper ingredient and GMO labeling from becoming required by law here in California.  When you see who owns what, it’s not a happy moment.

And speaking of elections, I am completely confused by the rash of voter qualifying ID malarkey being pushed on the public here.  Suddenly there is massive concern about people voting who shouldn’t be- aren’t citizens, or may just be the wrong size, color, or age.  Funny, but my memory of the election that was dishonest and stolen?  when Al Gore actually did win the election, and not Bush et al? Didn’t involve the citizenry, particularly.  It involved big political groups pulling dirty tricks.  Interesting how this misdirection has surfaced, don’t you think?  But again.  We simply cannot have a bunch of ringers voting in an election that’s already been bought and paid for by our newly defined “individuals”- the corporate and lobbying interests.  Just think what could happen.

So as usual, dystopia rears its ugly head.  Still.  There really is pretty conclusive evidence that we, as humans, emit energy that has an effect on everything around us (and this is just the energy of our thoughts and bodies, not our “actions”!).  Our thoughts are indeed things.  Our hearts resonate a long, long way.  Time to get busy on that positive vibration, one love, think about what we WANT instead of fearing we will be destroyed by what we don’t.  I just can’t believe that such intensive ignorance, such downright stupidity as we are being deluged with daily, can prevail.  I do cherish the notion, however, of a tipping point of sorts.  We don’t all have to totally agree on every single detail about the world.  But the broad strokes of food, water, medicine, shelter, education, human rights, environmental action?  It seems we could get our heads together on that and work together, both those who are inside the system and those who are not.  Call me crazy.

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