How Many More Times

Well, Gentle Reader, I suppose it will be as many more times as it takes.  Lately we’ve had an accelerated learning curve, which felt more like a ghastly roller coaster ride from which one might be ejected at an inopportune time which could happen at any moment.

Setting aside the discovery of who didn’t really give a fuck about me, which was upsetting enough, our landlady decided to lose one of her multiple personalities’ minds last week and this caused enough ripples in the pond of MY mind to be moderately time consuming.  As a result we are now internetless at the Yurt which adds another level of complexity to running an online business, and blogging, but what the heck!  We’re firmly back on the horse of :THISISANADVENTUREITWILLALLBEJUSTFINE:

instead of the horse of :WE’REGOINGDOWNINFLAMES:

So.  Since it’s a long way down, falling off a horse, it might as well be from the happy one.  Meanwhile, what have we learned THIS week?

There’s an element of resonance to money.  It’s much easier to have a good relationship with it if the original foundation of one’s life involves having it not be a problem. Like attracts like, sort of thing. It made me feel somewhat better about things to realize that since neither the Partner nor I had that resonance training, the fact that we’re blazing this new trail and it is…definitely a New Trail with all the excitement and difficulties pertaining thereto…well, it doesn’t mean we’ve failed.   In fact, it doesn’t really mean anything except we’re trekking our way through the wilderness.  And since the truth of it is that neither of us wanted to be part of the Current Structure As It Exists, it makes sense that we’ve adopted another approach, decided to live consciously and as stewards of our existences and places we find ourselves.  However one cannot forget that many are more firmly attached to the mirage of money and the supposed reality of all that than others.  It can make things hard.  Which lead to Upsetting Experience The First (alluded to above, complete with expletive).

This other approach we’re attempting involves looking at each situation in terms of accepting it as being exactly what is appropriate at the time.  Not judging, not ascribing “meaning”, but looking at it for meaning and training.  The challenge of this is to deal with one’s fear straightforwardly instead of either suppressing it or pretending it isn’t there.  I think this is true whatever the situation in question. There are so many things to learn in life, so many situations, and so many times when one feels as though one is not just lost, but on the edge of a precipice.   But there always is direction, and it can take time to see the entire elephant, as it were.  We don’t have a lot of time, but we have enough.

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately and have come to the conclusion that at this point in time, the twenty and thirty somethings and the fifty and sixty somethings have a very great deal in common.  A huge area of  commonality is debt, accompanied by  strangled income stream leading to questionable future.  I also thought about what, to me, is the really good thing about the internet.  And that is not about being targeted by advertisers or having your movements tracked or having the thing think for you.  No, it is the egalitarian nature of communication that can be accessed.  Of course, it’s not COMPLETELY egalitarian because it takes money to be online.  But when, yesterday, I was looking for a solution to my internet woes, I saw that in fact, there’s a huge mobile population using IPads and IPhones and not needing an established “place” in which to have contracted service.   Nor are you restricted to WiFi! No! Anyplace a cel phone works!  Which isn’t very many places around here, true but…a small monthly fee and I can sit in the Cal Fire parking lot and work, for example.  (Hey there handsome Fire Captain! Perks is what that is.) What I found encouraging in this was that I think there are many,many of us out there, who may have a more collective orientation, a more concensus based approach based on real needs.

To me, these real needs are what have to be addressed, and what can be at times hard to figure out in one’s own mind.  How often do you wonder what it is you really want or need?  Especially in stressful times when one’s vision grows short and going to sleep is about all you can get excited over after a long day of work the result of which is unknown.   While this bear is no spring chicken, this bear can also figure out what time it is, eventually.  Real needs are about living, really living.  They are about truth, and they are also about acknowledging that we all really need the same things. The resources of this earth are not for some to hoard and others to have none of.   It is not, also,  a good thing to have that vaseline smeared lens between the legacy group, those with money and power, and the Citibank -named ” precariat”.  This lens means that those above it can continue to think that their good fortune comes from their own goodness, and thus those below are not good, not worthy.  In fact, in today’s world what that really means is that opportunities have been taken up by a small percentage of people instead of being spread across the board.  We have fallen into a strange mind set of not knowing how to do things for ourselves (build a fire, grow food, tend your illnesses), accompanied by an odd rootlessness in terms of a civic participation and generosity.  Perhaps it simply that we are in a time of incredible transition, old foundations are crumbling and we can’t see the new ones.  In such a time then, it seems imperative that we stay with our selves, stay honest, know that the more we let go the better off we are, keep thinking and..well, stay on the sunny side of life.  That’s our project for today.


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