Chasing Thoughts

So far, I haven’t been able to catch any today.  The sheer deluge of things happening makes me feel like the lens on my camera when the battery is going down: Flipping in and out, broad angle to shut off position.

Things are still on fire around here, to the extent that it is starting to seem as though it will never be otherwise . Perhaps it is a reflection of an inner truth- there’s a fire in everything all the time anyway.  And here we are, all of us, trying to live our lives.  In the face of the daily eternal standoff I suppose it’s amazing we all do as well as we do.  But it has seemed to me for some time that those with power in today’s world justify their inaction toward and for justice and what is basically right by assigning blame to those who need assistance and don’t get it.  I think it’s just really way too scary for people to realize that there really is no control, anything can happen at any time, the supposed differences are irrelevant, and also? Things do move toward balance whether or not we are in synch with that balance or not.   Things don’t occur because we’re “good” or “bad”.  They occur because they occur, and the point is to learn as you go.   In this world where so much seems controlled by such negative, limited, unintelligent forces, it’s possible to take comfort in knowing that eventually, somehow, dynamic progression will recur.  Perhaps the thing of it is largely in being ready.  But time has a long, long gyre even when particular epochs are drawing to their close, and readiness may be quite a different thing than what we thought.  Maybe readiness comes in the form of calm surrender to what is, and in the form of, at long last, an empty mind.  I’m working on it.

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