Takin’ a Lickin’

Well, Gentle Reader, I now find myself Writing in A Cafe.  There is no internet at all on our hill, so there is one more thing to figure out for me, at some point.  It seems almost impenetrable but….it’s an odd thing, for sure, but living in a rural area really translates into quite the Trick Bag when you’re thinking about what might be considered necessities.  Like internet.  Or television.  Or roads…..

Meanwhile, it was the Partner’s birthday and THANK GOD the cake came out right.  Pineapple upside down, which, when made with a fresh pineapple, is really good.   The other Lesson Learned was that you can, indeed, make gravy with meatloaf.  Scenes from We Expand the Repertoire.

Otherwise? We finally have some minimal television after two and a half years.  The Partner is thrilled.  That makes me happy; the rest of it I’m not so sure about.  Actually seeing all the politicians on the news is not helping me stay on the sunny side of life.  What IS amusing about it, however, is this.  We were concerned about how we might POINT the antenna, being as how we’re on a hill and what not and everybody told us we’d get no reception no matter what “out there” (as in, “well, you live OUT THERE. What do you expect?”  Anyway.   Once we finally got cables attached twixt pole and yurt, and TV programmed, what we found was this:  We’re getting excellent reception with the antenna pointing straight and directly at the ground, about six feet up.  GO FIGURE.  So, win some, lose some, I guess?


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  1. Happy Birthday to the Partner! 😀

    In the cafe, see if you can Google for the general direction to point the antenna at from your location. Something like “where to aim TV antenna” may get you more channels.

    If you still have cell reception, there are cellular providers that also have internet service. It usually comes in the form of a USB dongle that plugs right into the computer. And it will only cost you 1/8 of your soul and a pinky finger (I avoided the pinky fee by applying a coupon).

    As for the deleterious miasma that’s been permeating over yonder these days, embracing soothing afternoon (if such a creature exists) while doing absolutely nothing would be immensely helpful. And by nothing, I mean quite literally nothing.

    Sipping coffee, however, counts as nothing.


    • How nice to see you back!!! I’m working on doing nothing but of course it is rather a challenge. I do have a cup of green tea before me so at least part of it is accomplished. The TV antenna continues to work fairly well, if facing down- we did look up the directions and what not which left me a bit tizzied but in the end, all was well if different, and as for the rest of it. *sigh* Pondering Ipads and other potential solutions……..meantime it really IS quite the endeavor. I really am glad to see your return!!!


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