Just A Dream……

When I found myself pulling out  Dante and striding around the yurt with my ancient paperback copy of THE INFERNO, declaiming what a wood this has been and how its very memory gives a shape to fear….well, let’s just say I knew I was in for a prolonged period of shoveling self out of a deep hole.

Yes, yes, we know we have to change the state of play when things get muddled and stuck like this.  But that gets to be hard to figure out at times, and one must then cling to the Churchillian notion of never giving up.  Thus, I’m willing to bet that I know more about internet in this place than…well, than I ever wanted to, for sure.  Net net, however? THERE ISN’T ANY.  Unless you pay for a satellite.  Which is what I was doing before, shelling out the large for what turned out to be about 1/3 of a gig at a time if I was lucky and no one was home next door at the “shared” satellite spot.  I thought about getting my OWN satellite service, as previously discussed.  Non starter.  Then, having thought that Verizon had a 3G service for the new Ipad, and a friend’s Iphone worked right in the yurt! I thought…OK! solution! Get an Ipad and your troubles are over.  It’ll work, you can create what they call a “mobile hotspot” where the Ipad functions like a router….Oh, my goodness. I was over the moon thinking about how CONVENIENT it’d be to actually…well.  Let’s not go there, shall we?  Because a few hours of my time and beaucoup bucks into it,  it was more than evident that this was Solution Not.  So, back to town, return Ipad, pay the Apple know-me fee, and just accept the fact that…the state of play has to be changed, period.

Having decided that the only sensible course is to focus on the work itself, I’m resigned now to having no fixed spot to work IN.  It presents complexities of course, but then again I’m imagining that we won’t be in this particular place FOREVER.  There will be a there, there, somewhere.  Some day.  Until then, there’s The Bean.

But THANK HEAVENS there is a bright spot!!!!! The Oakland A’s clinched their division.  We both, the Partner and I, feel quite hopeful and bucked up because after all.  They were 13 games back at the All Star Break.  If they can win, we can too, sort of thing.  So the happiness I felt at their win allowed me to watch Presidential Debate the First without feeling I had to throw things to get Romney to stop interrupting.  We’re hoping he’ll at least hire a fact checker, but seriously.  I really, simply,  cannot believe the state we’re in.  Where a person can get up, tell untruths and be rude, not offer any actual information but just a series of declamatory statements, over and over and over, and be taken seriously.  I’m mystified at how anyone can think that a return to the (obviously, by any measure except a very, very rich person’s and even then…) failed, unfair, and totally non-dynamic policies of the past can do anything except hasten a very unpleasant denouement.    We don’t have time for this, we really don’t.  But, at least there’s baseball.  Running the bases while Rome burns, anyone?

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